Atomic Spectroscopy
  6  An Introduction to Spectrometric Methods  
    Exercise The Electromagnetic Spectrum  
    Simulation Superpostition of Waves  
    Simulation Double Slit Diffraction  
    Tutorial Photoelectric Effect  
    Tutorial Transmission and Absorption  
    Tutorial Beer's Law  
  7  Components of Optical Instruments  
    Tutorial Optical Materials and Sources  
    Tutorial Wavelength Selectors  
    Tutorial Radiation Transducers  
  8  An Introduction to Optical Atomic Spectrometry  
    Simulation Atomic Spectra  
    Simulation Line Broadening  
    Simulation Doppler Effect  
    Tutorial Sample Introduction  
  9  Atomic Absorption and Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry  
    Tutorial Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy  
  10  Atomic Emission Spectrometry  
    Exercise ICP Torches  
    Tutorial ICP Spectrometers  
  11  Atomic Mass Spectrometry  
    Tutorial Transducers for Mass Spectrometry  
  12  Atomic X-Ray Spectrometry.  
    Tutorial X-Ray Absorption and Fluorescence  
    Tutorial Applications of X-Ray Fluorescence