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Here's an easy-to-understand, logical guide to the diagnosis and repair of today's complex and sophisticated automotive control systems! In Introduction to On-Board Diagnostics (OBD II) readers will learn how this complex system functions and be provided with valuable reference material for diagnosing and troubleshooting its many components and circuits. This book provides a simple, logical approach to explain the operation of the OBD II system and will teach the reader how to quickly spot problems and identify components that are not functioning correctly. In addition, the interrelationships between the fuel delivery, emission control, ignition, and accessory systems are clearly addressed and explained. CAM data is also included. An interactive Computer Based Training (CBT) CD-ROM is also available as a supplement to this book. This course leads users through ten simulated trouble-code scenarios to reinforce the hands-on components of diagnosis and repair procedures that are taught in the manual.

Roy Cox,

Roy has been a part of the automotive service industry for 40 years. He is a member of SAE International. As a technician, he is an ASE Certified Triple Master plus L-1, and was inducted into the ASIA Technicians¿ Hall of Fame in 1996. He is also a certified locksmith. He began his career as a mechanic in a small, family-owned repair shop in Washington, D.C. In 1964, they did road service in the old-fashioned way, dispatching a mechanic in a jeep, not a tow truck, and getting most of the cars started on the roadside. Since then, Roy has worn many hats, including dealership service technician, assistant service manager, road tester, quality control specialist, automotive instructor and program head at a community college. He is co-author of The 300,000 Mile Car, published by Thomson Delmar Learning. For the last 14 years, Roy has worked in Automotive Services at AAA¿s National Offices, and has continued to change hats. Today, he is Manager of Technical Training and Research, responsible for the towing manual, lockout manual, and training for emergency road service providers, as well as managing the onsite AAA Car Care Plus Center, which provides auto repairs and maintenance for AAA National Office employees.
  • "quick hit" troubleshooting tricks teach readers how to diagnose problems when there is no stored OBDII trouble code, as well as how to handle situations where the trouble code is actually set by a basic mechanical problem rather than a failure of the indicated component
  • information is useful for those who wish to expand their capabilities from more basic, mechanical repairs to complex electronics and drivability diagnosis and repair
  • a substantial portion of the content focuses on logical troubleshooting that can be done without expensive, complicated test equipment and special tools
  • also useful as a preparation manual for the ASE Certification exams
  • contains CAM data
Preface, How to Use This Book
Chapter 1: Evolution of OBD II
Chapter 2: OBD II Terminology and Communication
Chapter 3: OBD II System Monitors
Chapter 4: Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Chapter 5: Diagnostic Troubleshooting Routines
Chapter 6: Performing Specific Manufacturers’ Diagnostic Routines
Chapter 7: Component Testing
Appendix A: SAE Standardized OBD Acronyms
Appendix C: Powertrain Diagnostic Trouble Code Definitions
Partial List
Appendix D: Non-Standard DLC Locations

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Instructor Resources for Santini's OBD-II: Functions, Monitors and Diagnostic Techniques

ISBN: 9781428390201
Instructor Resources serve as an instructional resource and provides teaching tips or guidelines, essay questions, answers to review and test questions, key objectives, glossary, appendices and exercises for content reinforcement.