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Introduction to the ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller with Labs 2nd Edition

Gary Dunning

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 2008
  • 288 Pages


INTRODUCTION TO THE CONTROLLOGIX PROGRAMMABLE AUTOMATION CONTROLLER USING RSLOGIX 5000 SOFTWARE: WITH LABS, 4E enables students to master ControlLogix software with ease. Using its signature hands-on lab exercises for Programmable Logic Controllers, this versatile guide walks students step-by-step through RSLogix 5000 software from hardware configuration, to programming basic instructions and features, to RSLinx communications. Plus, this edition features manufacturer-specific illustrations and RSLogix screenshots to teach key concepts.

Gary Dunning, Hennepin Technical College

Gary Dunning received his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Minnesota. He also studied Computer Electronics at St. Paul Technical College, St. Paul, Minnesota. During his career he has developed and taught classes on programmable logic controllers at two technical colleges in Minnesota. Mr. Dunning worked for Rockwell Automation providing technical support and taught open as well as private classes for 20 years. Gary is the author of Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers, editions 1 through 4 and the Lab Manual to accompany each edition of Introduction to Programmable Logic Controllers. His latest book is the Introduction to the ControlLogix Programmable Automation Controller using RSLogix 5000 with Labs.
  • Updated and expanded content includes many new topics and lab exercises.
  • Chapter One now features the new 1756-L7 series controllers as well as the 5370 L series of CompactLogix controllers released with software version 20.
  • New layout shows students how to set up communications earlier in the textbook, so they can download their projects earlier in the class.
  • All-new configuration instructions walk students through the different communications options using Rockwell Software's RSLinx.
  • Expanded instructions detail how to set up USB drivers and a personal computer's IP address, as well as how to configure or modify an Ethernet module's IP address.
  • Provides students with clear and concise presentations of ControlLogix hardware and RSLogix 5000 Software.
  • Hands-on lab exercises walk students through digital and analog I/O configuration for the modular ControlLogix as well as CompactLogix.
  • Shows students how to create "ladder logic" from functional specifications programming exercises.
  • Features step-by-step procedures for setting up RSLinx communications.
1. Introduction to ControlLogix Hardware.
2. Introduction to RSLogix 5000 Software.
3. Number Systems.
4. RSLogix 5000 Project Organization.
5. Understanding ControlLogix I/O Addressing.
6. Modular ControlLogix Digital and Analog I/O Configuration.
7. CompactLogix I/O Configuration.
8. Creating and Monitoring RSLogix 5000 Tags.
9. Introduction to Logic.
10. The basic Relay Instructions.
11. ControlLogix Timer Instructions.
12. Adding Ladder Documentation.
13. ControlLogix Counter Instructions.
14. Comparison Instructions.
15. Data Manipulation and Math Instructions.
16. Introduction to GSV and SSV Instructions.
17. Introduction to Function Block.
18. Configuring a Serial Driver Using RSLinx.
19. Configuring a Serial Driver using a Keyspan USA-19HS USB to Serial Adapter.
20. Configuring an RSLinx Serial Driver Using a Rockwell Automation 9300-USBS USB to Serial Adapter.
21. Installing and Configuring a USB Driver for 1756-L7 Series Controllers.
22. Determine and Modify a Personal Computer IP address.
23. Determine and Modify a Modular ControlLogix Ethernet IP Address.
24. Determine and Modify a 1769-CompactLogix Ethernet IP Address.
25. Configuring a 1756-ENET Ethernet using RSLinx.
26. Configuring Ethernet/IP Drivers using RSLinx.
27. Configuring CompactLogix 1769-L23E, 1769-L32E, or 1769-L35E Ethernet /IP Driver using RSLinx Software.
28. Configuring an USB Driver for an Ethernet Communications Module.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781285709901
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