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Introduction to Christianity 4th Edition

Mary Jo Weaver, David Brakke

  • Published
  • Previous Editions 1998, 1991, 1984
  • 304 Pages


Introduce your students to the history, ideas, and diversity within Christianity with the help of this best-selling text by the highly respected Weaver/Brakke authorship team. This long-awaited fourth edition of INTRODUCTION TO CHRISTIANITY continues to lay a strong, practical foundation, interlaced with thought-provoking discussion and a glimpse into some of the latest Christian movements worldwide. The book’s balanced coverage brings to life the historical, cultural, theological, and social aspects of Christianity’s development. You and your students focus on the significant movements, key individuals, and powerful controversies that have united as well as divided Christians throughout the decades and centuries. New and updated thematic Sidebars, a popular hallmark of this book, weave currency into the history with a focus on spirituality, people, concepts, and controversies, including a new set of Sidebars that focus on the human experience of the divine. The text engages students to discuss and reflect upon the challenges that Christians have faced throughout time.

Mary Jo Weaver, Indiana University

Mary Jo Weaver received her Ph.D. from the University of Notre Dame. She has been recognized for her contributions with the Indiana University President’s Award for Distinguished Teaching in 1998 and the Lily Endowment Grant.

David Brakke, Indiana University

David Brakke earned his Ph.D. from Yale and current serves as the Department Chair for the Department of Religious Studies at Indiana University. Dr. Brakke has been recognized for his teaching with the Indiana University Outstanding Junior Faculty Award in 1996 and has received numerous research grants for his work, including the Alexander von Humboldt Research Fellowship, the National Endowment for the Humanities Research Fellowship for University Teachers, and the American Council of Learned Societies Fellowship.
  • New Sidebars that examine additional topics: Popular thematic Sidebars, a hallmark feature of this leading text, blend current happenings with the history of Christianity. An entire new set of Sidebars in this edition--"The Experience of God"--explore spirituality. New coverage in other Sidebars provides timely information about people, concepts, and controversies in each chapter.
  • Exploration of women and other special groups: Expanded discussion of the roles of women and other specific groups in the development of Christian history is now woven into the body of the text for greater emphasis.
  • Streamlined presentation: Footnotes from the previous edition are now removed to allow space for new, contemporary content without increasing the length of this streamlined text.
  • Updated glossary: Students can quickly reference key terms needed to understand concepts with this edition’s updated, current glossary.
  • Revisions reflecting the latest Christian movements worldwide: Significant updates to coverage of Worldwide Christianity now reflect the latest developments in contemporary Christian movements throughout the world, such as the spread of Pentecostalism in Africa.
  • Balanced and comprehensive study of significant movements, key individuals, and powerful controversies provide students with a strong foundation to the study of the history of Christianity.
  • Effective discussion prompters: Keep the discussions and debates dynamic and focused in your classroom with the help of meaningful Focal Points for Discussion at the end of each chapter. These features direct students’ attention to in-depth, challenging issues for consideration.
  • Thematic Sidebar feature boxes: Recurring, popular thematic Sidebars throughout the book bring currency into the history of Christianity as they focus on spirituality today and some of the latest viewpoints concerning people, controversies, and concepts.
  • Balanced and comprehensive study of significant movements, key individuals, and powerful controversies provide students with a strong foundation to the study of the history of Christianity.
1. God as Revealed in the Bible.
2. The Context For and Life of Jesus.
3. The Emergence of the Christian Church.
4. Orthodox Christianity and Roman Catholicism: From the Fourth to the Fourteenth Centuries.
5. Aspects of the Reformation.
6. The Reformation Continues: Christianity in the Sixteenth, Seventeenth, and Eighteenth Centuries.
7. Christianity and Modernity.
8. Modern American Christianity.
9. Worldwide Christianity.
10. Christians and the World.
11. Christians and Their Culture.
12. Contemporary Christianity.
Appendix 1: The Order of the Books in the Old Testament.
Appendix 2: Synopsis of the Books of the Old and New Testaments.
Appendix 3: Early Christian Writers.
Appendix 4: Ecumenical Councils.
Appendix 5: Creeds and Confessions.
Appendix 6: A Summary of Structural Arrangements.
Appendix 7: Ecumenism and the World Council of Churches.

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  • ISBN-13: 9781133380627
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