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Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for the Human Services 5th Edition

Nancy Summers

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This valuable is a step-by-step guide through the case management process, from intake and assessment to referrals and termination. This edition focuses on what is most important to consider, document, and pass along during the human services process. Chapters walk students through each step of the case management process, while realistic exercises drawn from active professionals expose them to a broad range of true-to-life circumstances and difficulties. Available with MindTap®, a digital learning solution that combines readings, multimedia, activities, and assessments into a singular learning path.

Nancy Summers, Harrisburg Community College

Nancy Summers is a professor at Harrisburg Area Community College, where she has served as department chair. Summers was the director of public education for a mental health system and has worked with numerous agencies to provide training, improve services, and assist with an internal reorganization. She remains actively in touch with numerous professionals in a wide variety of programs and recently published work on the supervision of the less experienced human services worker.

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  • Detailed, step-by-step information on how to record impressions and recommendations effectively as well as on how to write brief social histories prepares students to produce clear, professional written communication.
  • Forms and letter-writing opportunities give students many occasions to practice compiling information and sending information throughout the management of a case. The forms can be copied and used to create files on developed clients. Students' repeated use of each form helps to prepare them for working with real clients in real social service settings.
  • Examples of contact notes as well as examples of cases and corresponding service plans in the appendix provide important reference materials for students to examine in-depth. Directions for dating forms (also in the appendix) further prepare students for their future work.
  • The book discusses current practice trends and considerations, current legal issues, and offers strong coverage of ethics and ethical issues. This content, along with the wide range of case management applications and information on the importance of the ecological model in assessment and planning, gives students a strong introduction to professional basics.
  • The text gives the basic information a person needs to handle case management tasks. Numerous exercises create realistic situations and expose students to an extremely broad range of possible circumstances and difficulties in the field. Participating in classroom discussions about these practice scenarios will simulate discussions that happen every day in case management agencies.
  • Information on the Recovery Model, including the use of self-determination methods and good peer support, better equips students to work with the most current concepts and practices.

Fundamentals of Case Management Practice: Skills for the Human Services


1. Case Management: Definition and Responsibilities.
2. Ethics and Other Professional Responsibilities for Human Service Workers.
3. Applying the Ecological Model: A Theoretical Foundation for Human Services.
4. Cultural Competence.
5. Attitudes and Boundaries.
6. Clarifying Who Owns the Problem.
7. Identifying Good Responses and Poor Responses.
8. Listening and Responding.
9. Asking Questions.
10. Bringing Up Difficult Issues.
11. Addressing and Disarming Anger.
12. Collaborating with People for Change.
13. Putting It All Together: Exercises.
14. Documenting Initial Inquiries.
15. The First Interview.
16. Social Histories and Assessment Forms.
17. Using the DSM.
18. The Mental Status Examination.
19. Receiving and Releasing Information.
20. Developing a Service Plan at the Case Management Unit.
21. Preparing for a Service Planning Conference or Disposition Planning Meeting.
22. Making the Referral and Assembling the Record.
23. Documentation and Recording.
24. Monitoring the Services or Treatment.
25. Developing Goals and Objectives at the Provider Agency.
26. Terminating the Case.

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