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CASES IN FINANCIAL REPORTING, 1E contains new, comprehensive and engaging cases on topics for accounting and related courses. Helpful background notes accompany cases on key topics such as fair-value reporting, discounted cash flows, and retiree benefits. Short Excel-based cases and complete instructor notes include two levels of assessment questions and suggested solutions. These up-to-date cases are ideal for use in financial accounting, reporting, valuation, governance, and other MBA classes. Additional cases are available exclusively online, and may be purchased at

Michael J. Sandretto, University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana

Michael J. Sandretto is a lecturer at the University of Illinois, a valuation consultant, and an economic damages expert witness. He is also president and co-founder of Investments Analytics, Inc., a firm that develops valuation software. Sandretto earned his doctorate at University of Illinois and was corporate controller of Knowles Electronics in Chicago. He has taught courses in financial reporting, financial statement analysis, cost and managerial accounting, and a wide range of executive development classes, including those for four of the five largest Chinese banks. He has written more than 100 cases since leaving Harvard and has thoroughly tested them in his classes.
  • New, class-tested, and up-to-date cases using actual public and private companies complete with instructor notes.
  • Flexibility: The "Make It Yours" program allows instructors to build their own casebook. Incorporate only the cases you want to cover in a separate casebook or add cases to an existing text. Visit to get started.
  • Online Cases. A number of cases are available exclusively online, and may be found and purchased as a group or individually at by searching “Sanretto.”
  • The Latest in Case Support for Key Topic Areas in Accounting and Business: This case format helps instructors support their accounting and other business courses with better and more up-to-date practices in real-world contexts.
  • All Cases Use Actual Companies. Use of actual company cases lets instructors present the most current issues their students will face in their business careers. Many of the companies are recognizable to today's students, making them more relevant to their lives and further interesting them in the content.
  • Organized by Topic Focus. Cases are organized into seven areas to help instructors plan their use of cases by subject area--from introductory cases in financial accounting to complex valuation cases.
  • Global Scope. Seven international financial reporting cases are used providing instructors a more engaging way to prepare students for the increasingly global business environment.
  • Includes a Rare Look at a Private LLC Company. The Big Cat HPV LLC case offers a comprehensive management profile of a private company making recumbent and other bicycles from startup in 2002 through the present day. The case covers entrepreneurship, financial and cost accounting, product design, production control, and strategy.
  • Background Notes to Aid Case Preparation and Topical Coverage Options. Background notes on key issues such as fair value reporting, business combinations, and discounted cash flows are included. These are complete, detailed references for selected topics helping students understand the concepts underlying the assigned cases. These background notes can serve as additional tutorials for use in accounting course covering these topics.
  • Short Excel-based Cases to hone students' quantitative skills. Cases in discounted cash flows, revenue recognition, impairment, bonds, leases, securitization and other topics are paired with these Excel-based tools to complete the analysis.
  • Detailed Instructor Notes for Maximum Planning Value: Each case is accompanied by instructor notes that include Synopsis, case Objectives, Suggested Uses, Suggested Questions and Suggested Answers (some in two separate levels of difficulty), Teaching Outline, case Analysis, and Excel spreadsheet tools as needed. Suggested Use section even includes recommended integration with related cases.
I: Introductory Cases.
1. Dublin Small Animal Clinic.
2. Verona Springs Mineral Water.
3. Holton-Central Chairs.
4. Chang Medical Electronics.
5. Janet O'Brien.
6. Catrike.
II: Governance and Regulation.
1. Xerox.
2. Microsoft Corp: Financial Reporting Issues.
3. Beazer Homes USA.
4. Corporate Governance at IBM and Google.
5. Chrysler.
6. General Growth Properties.
III: Financial Reporting, Domestic.
1. Intel Corporation: Inventory Write-downs.
2. Lease Restatements in the Restaurant Industry.
3. Bethlehem Steel.
4. Revenue Recognition (A).
5. Revenue Recognition (B).
6. New Century Financial Corp.
7. Sirius XM.
8. Dell, Inc.: Financial Restatements.
9. Retiree Benefits at Boeing.
10. Carton Medical Products.
IV: Financial Reporting, International.
1. Impairments in the Recession of 2008-2009.
2. Depreciation in the Semiconductor Industry.
3. Thomson (A).
4. Thomson (B).
5. Mitchells & Butlers.
6. Barclays' acquires Lehman.
7. SAP: Financial Reporting Methods.
V: Financial Statement Analysis.
1. Harley-Davidson, Inc. (A).
2. Harley-Davidson, Inc. (B).
3. Arby's Acquisition of Wendy's.
4. General Motors Corp.
5. Employee Stock Options at Cisco.
6. Merrill Lynch, Inc.
7. Apple, Inc.: Retrospective Adoption, Revenue Recognition Rules.
VI: Valuation.
1. Knowles Electronics, Inc.
2. Anheuser-Busch, Inc.
3. Inbev.
4. Sunbelt Beverage.
5. Koss.
6. Asher Associates.
VII: Background Notes.
1. Note on Fair Value Reporting.
2. Note on Business Combinations.
3. Note on Discounted Cash Flows.
4. Note on Bonds.
5. Note on Retiree Benefits.
6. Note on Business Valuation.
7 Note on Ratio Analysis.
VIII: Short Excel-based Cases.
1. Discounted Cash Flows.
2. Revenue Recognition (A).
3. Revenue Recognition (B).
4. Impairment.
5. Bonds.
6. Leases.
7. Investment Securities.
8. Retiree Benefits.
9. Securitization.
10. Valuation.

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