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Photograph of male student looking on phone: Go Mobile with the MindTap App

MindTap: Go Mobile with the App

The MindTap Mobile App lets students access course content, review notes, and study on-the-go, anytime, anywhere. 

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Pathbrite Lights the Way to Success

Offering an elegant way to showcase more than their GPA, the Pathbrite App helps students create beautiful, shareable ePortfolios with ease.

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Let the Print Solution Finder match you with the best materials for your course to complete your curriculum

Last Minute Materials Made Easy

Let the Print Solution Finder help you complete your curriculum by matching you with the best materials for your course.

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Graphic: Make It Count with MindTap

MindTap Inspires Philosophy Students to Think Deeply

While students are studying hard, so are we! The results are in from a comprehensive study conducted by two independent research firms last fall, and they confirm that MindTap improves critical thinking skills, classroom discussions, and GPAs for philosophy students nationwide.

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Photograph of a female student: How digital tools help students juggle busy schedules

Working Well: How a Health and Science Major Succeeds with MindTap

Full-time health and science student and part-time worker, Samantha Mueller strives to exceed expectations in all of her endeavors. Using MindTap to study efficiently and track her progress, Samantha is able to “work smarter” and succeed in all she does, inside and outside of class.

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