Nineteenth Century Collections Online (NCCO): Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature

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With a series of fully searchable historical maps at its core, Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature provides geographical images from the areas spanning the globe.

The 19th Century encompassed tremendous growth in maps and mapmaking as the field of cartography gained visibility and professional standards. Mapping of the world during this time period was driven by massive industrialization and exploration. As people ventured further from traditional population centers, tourism created a new market for reliable maps. Likewise, as colonialism was prominent during this period, many maps of the time reflect the colonial ambitions of the day. These same maps also offered perspective to a fledgling new literary genre: the travel diary.

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  • Collection of fully searchable, full-image maps spanning the globe.
  • Provides rich insight into the Era of Cartography; not only illuminating the changes taking place in map creation, but also providing a glimpse into the Age of Imperialism.
  • Reflects the vast exploration that took place during the 19th Century.