Helping Process: Assessment to Termination, 1st Edition

  • Tricia McClam University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Marianne R. Woodside University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • ISBN-10: 1111298432
  • ISBN-13: 9781111298432
  • 256 Pages Paperback 
  • © 2012 | Published
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About The Solution


Integrating a unique conceptual- and skills-based approach, HELPING PROCESS: ASSESSMENT TO TERMINATION presents the methodology of the helping process as it is practiced in the human service field. The strong applied approach of this “worktext” includes an innovative content chapter/skill chapter format. Skills/techniques are introduced in an overview chapter, which is followed by a chapter that provides case examples and worksheets enabling students to put what they learn into practice. Five chapters focus on the application of skills necessary for assessing, intake interviewing, planning, building a case file, implementing, and terminating work with clients. HELPING PROCESS is thoroughly grounded in strength-based helping. Featuring a multicultural emphasis throughout, it details the helping process using quotes, in-depth case studies, vignettes, and examples from front-line service providers such as counselors, case managers, and social workers to illustrate and reinforce key concepts.

Additional Product Information


  • Written by proven authors who are seasoned professors and practitioners, this unique “worktext” captures the complexity and flexibility of the helping process from assessment to termination and follow-up.
  • Reflecting the latest practices from the field, the text is grounded in a strengths-based approach to helping. This model is integrated throughout the helping process and marks a redirection from problems, pathologies, and liabilities to an emphasis on strengths, resources, coping, possibilities, and resilience.
  • HELPING PROCESS is comprised of both content chapters and skills-practice chapters. A content chapter provides an overview of skills and techniques, introducing students to the skills and their role in the helping process. A skills-practice section follows each content chapter, giving students hands-on experience putting newly learned skills into practice. These chapters provide students opportunities to develop their skills in assessing, intake interviewing, planning, building a case file, implementing, and terminating clients. They also include exercises for self-reflection.
  • An emphasis on encouraging client participation in the process, reviewing cases, and documenting and report writing appears throughout all chapters.
  • Case studies that illustrate human service practice provide students with the ability to see theory in real-world practice.
  • HELPING PROCESS is packed with quotes from service providers, vignettes, and examples that reflect today’s multicultural reality. A sensitivity to and understanding of this reality dramatically increases the effectiveness of helping professionals. This multicultural emphasis includes ethnic and racial diversity as well as gender, age, cognitive abilities, and sexual orientation. Examples and cases reflect real-world practice, enabling students to understand the complexities of helping.
  • Issues covered “In More Depth”--such as intake interviewing children--allow students to grasp and retain material effectively.
  • Chapter Objectives help readers focus their reading and study. Key terms, Chapter Summaries, Chapter Reviews, and Questions for Discussion serve as learning guides for students.

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Table of Contents

1. Introducing the Helping Process.
2. The Assessment Phase.
3. Assessment Skills.
4. Effective Intake Interviewing.
5. Interviewing Skills.
6. Service Delivery Planning.
7. Planning Skills.
8. Building a Case File.
9. Skills to Build the Case File.
10. Coordinating Services.
11. Providing Services.
12. Implementation and Termination Skills.


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Meet the Author

About the Author

Tricia McClam

Tricia McClam is affiliated with the Mental Health Counseling (Master's) and Counselor Education (Ph.D.) programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She teaches various courses in both programs, including Cross Cultural Counseling, Formal Measurement, and Case Management. Her research broadly deals with case management in human service delivery, professional development, and international human services. Dr. McClam is associate editor of International Education and past co-editor of Human Service Education, both refereed journals. Included among her professional awards are the Helen B. Watson Outstanding Faculty Research Award in the College of Education (1998), a Certificate of Appreciation from the Council for Standards in Human Service Education (2001), and the Miriam Clubok Award from the National Organization for Human Service Education (2003). With Marianne Woodside, Dr. McClam is co-author of GENERALIST CASE MANAGEMENT: A METHOD OF HUMAN SERVICE DELIVERY, PROBLEM SOLVING IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS, and HELPING PROCESS: ASSESSMENT TO TERMINATION.

Marianne R. Woodside

Marianne Woodside is affiliated with the Human Services, Mental Health Counseling, and Counselor Education programs at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She coordinates the Counselor Education Ph.D. program, teaches foundations of counselor education, and supervises practicum and internship. Her primary research interests are international human services, human service education, and case management. Dr. Woodside has served on the editorial boards for JOURNAL OF HUMAN SERVICE EDUCATION and AMERICAN ASSOCIATION FOR COUNSELING AND DEVELOPMENT JOURNAL. Additionally, she served as secretary of the National Organization for Human Services Education. Dr. Woodside has published a wide range of journal articles and has an extensive record of presentations at national and international meetings. Her many awards include the Distinguished Recognition Award from the Council for Standards in Human Service Education (2001) and the Professional Development Research Award from the National Organization for Human Services Education (1999). Proven authors, Dr. Woodside and Dr. McClam also wrote the successful GENERALIST CASE MANAGEMENT: A METHOD OF HUMAN SERVICE DELIVERY, PROBLEM SOLVING IN THE HELPING PROFESSIONS, and HELPING PROCESS: ASSESSMENT TO TERMINATION.


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