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Breaking news since 1846, the Associated Press (AP) has long been relied on for delivering accurate, timely news. This collection offers access to records from the AP’s Atlanta, Austin, Birmingham, Chicago, Dallas, Miami, New Orleans, Philadelphia, and Pittsburgh bureaus, dating from 1931 to 2004.

Records include news stories in various stages of production, covering major social movements, natural disasters, crime, disease, politics, and hundreds of other topics of regional or national importance. Also included in bureau records are correspondence between the bureau and the New York office, memos, meeting notes, and more.


  • Searchable archive of key news documents, covering major U.S. events from 1931 to 2004.
  • Provides insight and first-person reporting on historical events.
  • Essential for the study of 20th-Century U.S. history, journalism, civil rights movements, education, environmental issues, immigration, urban affairs, sports, politics, crime, and more.
  • Broad geographic coverage from across the United States.