Arab American Reference Library, 1st Edition

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The Arab American Reference Library offers your students a compact yet comprehensive source that is vast in scope and represents a wide range of documents in a consistent format. Nowhere else will your students find essays, definitions, timelines, biographies, images, statistics, primary documents and more in just four handy volumes.

Divided into 19 diverse subject chapters covering everything from work and money, education, family, religion and language to political involvement and performing arts, the Encyclopedia offers definitions, charts, boxed sidebars and other facts and analyses that cross every curriculum area. Look for 75 photos, a chronology, a "Words to Know" section, and name and subject index.

Arab American Biography offers 3- to 5-page biographical sketches on 75 noteworthy individuals of Arab American heritage, from early pioneers to today's movers and shakers. F. Murray Abraham, George Addes, Michael De Bakey, Doug Flutie, Kahlil Gibran, Norma Kamali, Kathy Najimy, Donna Shalala and Marlo Thomas are just a few of the individuals featured. Student-friendly features include 120 photographs; a "Words to Know" section; a chronology; a further reading list; and index access by name and general subject, ethnicity and field of endeavor.

Arab American Voices allows your students to study 27 full or excerpted speeches, diary entries, newspaper accounts, novels, poems, memoirs and other primary source material by and about Arab Americans. Excerpts are grouped in broad subject categories so students can compare and contrast viewpoints. Special features include: "Things to Remember While Reading," "What Happened Next," "Report Topics," "Did You Know," term definitions, 60 photographs and much more.

For table of contents, sample pages or other volume specific information see the entry for the Encyclopedia, Biography or Voices.


"All three titles are solid learning tools." -- ARAMCO WORLD (May 2000)

— Aramco World

"[Arab American Encyclopedia and Arab American Voices] along with Arab American Biography offer students in grades five and up facts and alternative viewpoints about sometimes-controversial matters and are recommended as a resource to help the targeted audience develop informed opinions." -- Booklist (July 2000)

— Booklist