Pre- and Post-Revolutionary War Pennsylvania Newspapers

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This collection of seven Revolutionary-era Pennsylvania newspapers dating from 1775-1797 will provide valuable information on Early American social, cultural, political, and military history. The newspapers are organized chronologically.
- Pennsylvania Evening Post, 1775-1779, rolls 1-2.

The Evening Post was the first daily newspaper in America and the first to print the Declaration of Independence. It was published three times a week by Benjamin Towne and competed against the Pennsylvania Ledger. The paper started as pro-Royalist, but changed to the patriot cause after 1778.
- Pennsylvania Ledger or Weekly Advertiser, 1775-1778, rolls 2-3.

- Freeman's Journal or North American Intelligencer, 1781- 1792, rolls 3-5.

- Independent Gazetteer, 1782- 1797, rolls 5-9.

The Gazetteer was begun in 1782 by Eleazer Oswald, who came to America from England. First published as a weekly newspaper, The Gazetteer was changed to a daily in 1786, and again became a weekly in 1790.
- Gales Independent Gazetteer, 1796-1797, roll 9.

- Pennsylvania Mercury, 1784- 1792, rolls 9-11.

- Pennsylvania Evening Herald, 1785-1788, roll 12.

Total number of rolls: 12