Middle East Conflict: Almanac, 2nd Edition

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This title provides a comprehensive and objective overview of the people, events, and documents that are key to understanding the complex relationships of the countries and cultures of the Middle East. We have fully updated each of the three components (Almanac, Biography, and Primary Sources, as well as expanded the coverage of the set, including such topics as the flowering of the "Arab Spring."

The Almanac covers the roots of the region's conflicts and traces developments to the present day.

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  • The Almanac covers the roots of the conflict and traces developments to the present day, including the flowering of the "Arab Spring."

Table of Contents

1. The Ancient Middle East: From the First Civilizations to the Crusades.
2. The Ottoman Empire: 1299 to 1923.
3. Forging New Nations from the Ottoman Empire: 1918 to 1950.
4. Other Rising Middle East Nations in the Twentieth Century.
5. Palestine and Zionist Settlement: Nineteenth Century to 1948.
6. The Arab-Israeli Conflict: 1948 to 1973.
7. Israeli-Palestinian Relations: 1973 to 2011.
8. The Palestinian Authority: 2004 to 2011.
9. Syria and Lebanon: 1936 to 1990.
10. The Rise of Hezbollah in Lebanon: 1990 to 2011.
11. The Iran-Iraq War: 1980 to 1988.
12. The Gulf Wars: 1991 to 2011.
13. Terrorism Based in the Middle East.
14. Conflicts Within: Repressive Governments of the Middle East in the Early Twenty-First Century.
15. The Arab Spring: 2011.
16. Western Views of the Middle East.