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Opposing Viewpoints in Context

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Opposing Viewpoints In Context answers the call for a better way to explore today's most hotly debated topics. This next-generation portal delivers a range of perspectives on important issues. Users find a remarkable compilation of proven reference content—including the award-winning Opposing Viewpoints series from Greenhaven Press— integrated with the best multimedia available today. With its scope and depth, Opposing Viewpoints In Context supports virtually any curricular, academic, or general-interest need. Informed, differing views help learners develop critical-thinking skills.

Features and Benefits

  • Search Assist.
  • Factboxes on people and geographical topics.
  • Related topics and vetted websites.
  • Highlights and Notes.
  • Recommended Articles.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Translation-on-demand, ReadSpeaker text-to-speech, and font-size adjustments.
  • MLA7, APA, and EasyBib citation tools.
  • Tools to download, print, and share content online.


  • Library Journal’s Best for Reports 2013


"Formerly known as Opposing Viewpoints Resource Center and originally reviewed in 2002, this database just keeps getting better and better... OVIC is definitely one of the best databases for high-school students for debates and research papers. Other databases may have some of the same articles but certainly not the variety or depth. This is a recommended purchase for high-school and college libraries."

— Booklist

"First-year and second-year undergraduate students attending writing courses and English Language Preparation courses find Opposing Viewpoints in Context (OVIC) useful because it has short easy articles that are easier to read compared to articles in other databases. It can also be a source of inspiration as it presents recent controversial issues. The maps and lesson plans are particularly useful. OVIC contains a satisfying number of different kinds of sources e.g. reference, news articles, journal articles etc. so a student can see different types of sources in terms of content on a single page without having to use a lot of databases. It is a good starting point for debatable topics and for beginners who are taking their first steps in research. We would recommend OVIC especially to other universities/colleges which are in non-English speaking countries."

— Reference Librarians, John S. Bailey Library at DEREE-The American College of Greece