Josh Whoever, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Five Star First Edition Mystery Standing Order Plan
  • Michael Guillebeau
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  • ISBN-10: 1432826840
  • ISBN-13: 9781432826840
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  • 284 Pages | Print | Hardcover
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Josh burned out on saving the world years ago. Enlisting in the Army as a patriot‚ Josh found himself caught in a massacre in a small‚ dusty war‚ then forced into the role of a hero to cover up. But the life of a fake hero proved too much‚ and he walked away in the middle of a TV game show.

Now he’s a small-time con man who wants to stay drunk in the back room of the Western World bar between scams. But the latest scam got out of hand‚ and now the Russian mob is convinced Josh is a private detective — the only detective who can find Mother Romanov’s missing daughter‚ media darling Kiev Romanov.

Marci‚ a fired society page editor and wannabe crime reporter‚ latches on to Josh in hopes of creating a best-selling book‚ and the two of them fall in love. Kiev&rsquos brother Yuri‚ a giant‚ homicidal Russian dressed in black who thinks he’s Batman‚ tries to control Josh and Marci but winds up joining them in the search for his sister.

Josh uses his scams and disguises to battle New Confederacy fanatics and a quasi-government paramilitary organization of men dressed in gray shirts. He needs to save the girl‚ stay sober‚ and keep his identity hidden — or die.

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Five Star First Edition Mystery Standing Order Plan

Five Star Mysteries are standard print, first editions from award-winning authors as well as up-and-coming authors of the Mystery genre. These hardcover first editions will consist of new novels and short story collections plus novels that have been restored from original typescripts. The Five Star First Edition Mystery Series titles are carefully selected to appeal to a broad range of genre fans and include all subgenres of mystery: romantic suspense, traditional mysteries, private eye novels, cozies, hard-boiled detectives, and short story collections. The mystery genre continues to boom and this plan speaks directly to what today’s readers want -- a mix of original novels and short fiction collections from established, award-winning professionals as well as up-and-coming writers in the field. Previous authors have included Ralph McInerny, Catherine Dain, Les Roberts, Jeremiah Healy, and more. New, as of June 2004, four (4) titles shipped approximately every four weeks. Actual covers may be different from those shown.


"Guillebeau brings the emotional turmoil of his damaged protagonist to its peak while giving him good reasons to perservere. While the Russian mob, right-wing modern Confederates, and a paramilitary group might seem like overkill, the plot never wavers off-track, and the collection of oddball minor characters and surprise twists deepen an already strong story. An engreossing debut."- Library Journal STARRED Review and Debut of the Month, Jan.1, 2013

— Library Journal

“A con artist turns good Samaritan and pays the price. First-timer Guillebeau, whose software programs reside in the International Space Station, churns out wisecracks with machine-gun rapidity . . . laughs come fast and funny . . .”-Kirkus, January 1, 2013

— Kirkus