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Combining outstanding primary and secondary historical sources with great multimedia, World History In Context reaches back nearly 5,000 years to chronicle the rise and fall of cultures and societies across all continents and eras. Rare primary sources combine with reliable references to put content into context for every learner. A Web-like interface and intuitive functionality lead to a comprehensive selection of multimedia results that put the tools of the historian into users' hands with an ease and engagement never before experienced.

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Features and Benefits

  • Search Assist.
  • Factboxes on people and geographical topics.
  • Related topics and vetted websites.
  • Highlights and Notes.
  • Recommended Articles.
  • Interactive maps.
  • Translation-on-demand, ReadSpeaker text-to-speech, and font-size adjustments.
  • MLA7, APA, and EasyBib citation tools.
  • Tools to download, print, and share content online.


"These electronic resources would be especially useful for students as well as educators looking for content that supports twenty-first-century learning skills. They would also be a valuable resource for those who just want to expand their knowledge of U.S. and world historical events."

— Booklist

"The name of this database sets it apart and immediately indicates to students what they will get there. World History in Context is a beautiful product – the user is drawn by the images, videos and the "look and feel" of the In Context databases. And of course it is a good combination of academic, reference and primary material – making it useful not just for undergraduate students but also for postgraduates and researchers."

— Anonymous, University of Stellenbosch, South Africa

"World History in Context is very easy to navigate. There's a logic to the In Context system - once you have learned how to work one In Context database you can use them all, and I really like that."

— Tue Gaston