Directories in Print, 35th Edition

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The most comprehensive source of its kind, Directories in Print, 35E provides users with instant, convenient access to profiles of more than 17,000 directories, guides, and other print or non-print address listings in the United States and around the world. Users find an unparalleled depth of well-organized information in this user-friendly, award-winning directory, including local and regional directories as well as national and international listings.

Directories in Print, 35E details both active and archived publications, including directories no longer published. Each listing offers up to 29 points of key information for the details to make informed choices. For each browsing, Directories in Print covers 26 broad subject areas and offers more than 1,000 pages of indexes. An Alternate Formats Index identifies directories available in computer-readable, microfiche, mailing label and other formats. A Subject Index lists directories by subject or geographic area, while a Title and Keyword Index provides alphabetical listings of all current, former, and foreign-language titles, including significant keywords in titles. Trust Directories in Print, 35E to provide users with the instant, comprehensive information they need.

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Features and Benefits

  • Each directory entry is described in detail with up to 29 points of information.
  • Researchers find all of the details needed to make informed choices.
  • Each listing in the VOL. 1, Descriptive Listings, provides publisher contact information and up to 29 other critical items of data for each listing, including coverage, formats, languages, arrangement, indexes, price, frequency, number of pages, and forme
  • Users can easily locate listings from 26 complete subject areas, including business, education, science and technology, hobbies and leisure activities, medicine, natural resources and the environment, biography and genealogy, arts and entertainment, and m
  • As a comprehensive resource, this edition even includes entries for publications that are now out of print or defunct. In addition, DIRECTORIES IN PRINT lists a few resources that do not contain directory-type information, but are likely to be searched he
  • Users find coverage ranging from cities and states to the U.S., as a whole, as well as other countries worldwide.
  • Volume 2, indexes, contains three convenient indexes totaling nearly 1,000 pages to quickly locate needed information.
  • An Alternate Formats Index identifies all directories available in computer-readable, microfiche, mailing label, Braille, e-book, fax, and other formats.
  • A Subject Index provides access to directories by subject or geographic area.
  • A Title and Keyword Index provides alphabetical listings of current, former, and foreign-language titles as well as significant keywords in titles, which is ideal for those not familiar with the precise name of a directory.

What's New

  • Updates and new entries in this comprehensive edition help ensure you find the specific directory or resources you need.
  • This comprehensive edition contains approximately 1,000 new entries as well as the latest information and updates to the existing 16,000 entries.

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  • Paperback Edition

    ISBN-10: 1414477589 | ISBN-13: 9781414477589

Table of Contents

h2. Part 1.
Introduction. User''s Guide. Abbreviations. Descriptive Listings.
1. General Business.
Including multi-industry business directories of the United States and other countries
2. Manufacturing Industries and Commerical Services.
Including industries such as automobile, plastics, paper, metalworking, and other specific lines of business; suppliers of raw materials, equipment, and services to these industries
3. Construction Industries and Real Estate.
Including construction of homes, offices, and public buildings; real estate brokers and services; lists of real estate properties
4. Retail, Wholesale, and Consumer Service Industries.
Including grocery, hard goods, and service retailers and wholesalers; suppliers of services, supplies, and equipment to these industries
h2. Part 2.
Introduction. User''s Guide. Abbreviations. Descriptive Listings.
5. Banking, Insurance, and Financial Services.
Including banking industry, insurance, investments, securities, mortgage lending, financial planning.
6. Agriculture and Veterinary Sciences.
Including farming, agribusiness, livestock, horticulture, and animal care.
7. Transportation, Utilities, and Municipal Services.
Including road construction, shipping, rail, air transport; electric, telephone, and other utilities and related services.
8. Management and Labor.
Including business administration, consulting, human resources, labor, occupational safety, corporate communications.
9. Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations.
Including advertising services and agencies, market research firms, publicity, demographics, trade shows (general).
10. Library and Information Sciences.
Including libraries and librarians, archives, information science, general information sources
11. Publishing and Broadcast Media.
Including book publishing and selling; newspapers and journalism; periodical publishing; microforms, electronic publishing, and other alternative formats; television, cable television, and radio broadcasting.
12. Telecommunications and Computer Science.
Including data processing and computer research, manufacturing, retailing, installations, and user groups; telecommunications systems and research.
13. Medicine.
Including individual medical specialties, nursing, medical education and research, services to physicians.
14. Health Care Services.
Including hospitals and clinics, therapy, mental health services, pharmacy, health insurance, public health, products and services for the disabled.
15. Science and Technology.
Including life sciences, chemistry, earth sciences, astronomy, engineering, mathematics, research and development.
16. Natural Resources, Energy, and the Environment.
Including forestry, mining, resource recovery, conventional and alternative energy sources, environmental concerns, conservation, waste management.
17. Social Sciences and Humanities.
Including archaeology, anthropology, history, sociology, demography, languages, popular culture, political science, American studies, philosophy, museums (general guides).
18. Education.
Including elementary and secondary education, colleges and universities, vocational education, study and teaching of education, special education, placement and counseling.
h2. Part 3.
Introduction. User''s Guide. Abbreviations. Descriptive Listings.
19. Law, Military, and Government.
Including national, regional, state, and local government agencies and officials; layers and the study of law; politicians; political movements; military agencies and related organizations.
20. Community Services and Social Concerns.
Including human services such as abuse prevention, self-help, crime prevention, family and elderly affairs, social service organizations; alternative culture, world affairs, peace, terrorism, human and animal rights.
21. Associations, Philanthropy, Ethnic Groups, and Religion.
Including associations in general, foundations, nonprofit organizations, volunteer efforts; religious, spiritual, and New Age affairs; ethnic groups and minorities.
22. Biography and Genealogy.
Including biographical directories and dictionaries (who''s whos); guides to genealogical organizations and resources.
23. Arts and Entertainment.
Including visual and performing arts and artists.
24. Travel and Restaurants.
Including travel and tourist services; hotels, motels, bed and breakfast inns, and other accommodations; restaurants; tourist attractions.
25. Sports and Outdoor Recreation.
Including organized sports such as baseball, basketball, soccer, and tennis; cycling, camping, canoeing, hunting, and other forms of outdoor recreation; parks and recreation areas; suppliers of sporting goods and services.
26. Hobbies and Leisure Activities.
Including handicrafts, collecting, gardening, pets, fan clubs, amateur radio.
h2. Part 1.
Introduction. User''s Guide. Abbreviations. Indexes. Alternate Formats Index. Subject Index.
h2. Part 2
Introduction. User''s Guide. Abbreviations. Indexes. Title and Keyword Index.