Scientists: Their Lives & Works, 1st Edition

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Budding scientists and those entering the fascinating world of science for fun or study will find both intrigue and inspiration in these three volumes. The original 3-vol. set presented detailed biographies of 150 women and men whose theories, discoveries and inventions revolutionized science and society. From Louis Pasteur to Bill Gates and Elijah McCoy to Margaret Mead, Scientists explores the pioneers and their innovations that students most want to learn about. Vol. 4 adds 33 additional biographies (Joy Adamson, Carl Sagan and more); vol. 5 adds 34 more (Hippocrates and Fred Hoyle, among others); vol. 6 adds 34 more (including Howard Aiken, Ptolemy, and Nancy Wexler).

Scientists from around the world and from the Industrial Revolution to the present are featured in fields like astronomy, ecology, oceanography, physics and more. In Scientists, students will find:

  • Scientist biographies, each focusing on the scientist's early life, formative experiences and inspirations -- details that keep students reading
  • "Impact" boxes that draw out important information and sum up why each scientist's work is indeed revolutionary
  • Sidebar boxes that highlight individuals who influenced the work of the featured scientist or who conducted similar research, as well as related information of special interest to students
  • Sources for further reading so students know where to delve even deeper
  • Black-and-white portraits and additional photographs that give students a better understanding of the people and inventions discussed

Each volume begins with a listing of scientists by field, ranging from archaeology to zoology; a timeline of major scientific breakthroughs; and a glossary of scientific terms used in the text. Volumes conclude with a cumulative subject index so that students can easily find the people, inventions and theories discussed throughout Scientists.


"The editors have included a good mixture of women and minorities. Recommended for middle school grades and above." -- Library Talk (June 1997)

— Library Talk

"Clearly written articles. Should be useful and appealing to its intended audience." -- ARBA (American Reference Books Annual) 1999


"The unique combination of accessible scientific information and fascinating personal details adds a human dimension to the presentation" ... "Useful addition to the three-volume set." -- School Library Journal (May 1998)

— School Library Journal

"UXL's new three-volume Scientists is a must for any library serving middle school students. It gives just the right amount of information for reports (far more than a standard encyclopedia) and it's affordable!" -- Nancy Guidry, Young Adult Librarian, Santa Monica Public Library

— other than publication

"Another useful reference source from Gale's UXL imprint. Students in grades five and up and their teachers and librarians will love this set at research-the-scientist time. The set begs to be browsed. School and public libraries under siege for scientist information would do well to invest in this reasonably priced treasure trove. The layout makes for easy reading, and the cover design attracts the eye." -- Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin (04/01/97)

— Booklist

"These attractive volumes generally provide more information (than The Grolier Library of Science Biographies)." -- RBB/Booklist (12/01/98)

— Booklist

"A convenient way of gathering material for librarians seeking to update biographical information students are likely to request." -- Voice of Youth Advocates (VOYA) (August 1997)


"The unique combination of accessible scientific information and fascinating personal details adds a human dimension to the presentation." -- School Library Journal (May 1998)

— School Library Journal

"This absorbing resource skillfully introduces 150 scientists whose tireless work, unwavering vision, and phenomenal contributions have created a lasting legacy. The writing is sophisticated." -- School Library Journal (May 1997)

— School Library Journal