Literature of Developing Nations for Students, 1st Edition

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Following in the award-winning reputation of Gale literary references and the acclaimed For Students line comes Literature of Developing Nations for Students. Finally, an easy-to-understand, in-depth, broad-focused source that provides critical coverage on the literature of developing nations at an affordable price has arrived.

For Students resources are specially crafted to meet the curricular needs of high school and undergraduate college students and their teachers, as well as the interests of general readers and researchers. Literature of Developing Nations for Students specifically meets the need for a resource that focuses on the literary works and style of regions that are studied in a growing number of high schools.

Easy-to-understand, in-depth and broadly focused, this 2-vol. source profiles approximately 50 authors and works from many developing regions that are often overlooked including Africa, Latin America, Asia/Pacific Rim, India and the Caribbean. Alphabetically arranged entries include authors' works, lives, literary style and social context through proprietary material, excerpted critical essays and further reading sources. Author, title and nationality indexes included.


"The chapters are well written and will be easily adaptable to a classroom setting. Because sources on literature from developing nations are not as abundant as those on other topics, this set may be just what teachers and professors need to strengthen these areas in their literature courses." -- ARBA (2002)


"As students research more critical aspects of literature, they need to find information that is both physically and intellectually accessible. To help meet this need, Gale now offers a two-volume set of mostly new material on the literature of developing nations... Writing is clear and should be accessible to high-schoolers... This resource should help students learn about contemporary authors and their context, although it cannot be considered the definitive reference because of its uneven coverage. Recommended for high-school and undergraduate libraries." -- Booklist (January 2001)

— Booklist

"...this is a much-needed resource...This excellent set would benefit any high school library...reasonably priced...covers a lot of academic ground...Highly recommended." -- Book Report (Book Report 2001)

— Book Report

"...this will be particularly valuable where students need help developing research topics about fiction. Recommended for most college libraries and for public libraries serving high school students." -- Library Journal (January 2001)

— Library Journal