Civil Rights in the United States, 1st Edition

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This two-volume work examines the efforts of our diverse nation to secure civil rights for all its people, including African Americans, Native Americans, Chicanos, women, Asian Americans, gays and lesbians, workers, children, seniors, and numerous others. Covering the period from 1865 to the present, the set features over 700 entries comprised of historical and state surveys, biographies, entries on civil rights and other organizations, political and social movements, legislation and government programs, court cases, overall concepts, cultural and educational institutions, as well as film, literature, music, and art.


" impressive and important two-volume encyclopedia...Overall this set offers a more scholarly treatment than Sharpe Reference's Encyclopedia of Civil Rights in America...and is far more comprehensive than the out of print ABC-CLIO Companion to the Civil Rights Movement...a reference set that should have broad appeal. It is suitable for both public and academic libraries, and given the importance of the topic, larger high school collections may also want to consider it." -- Against the Grain, June 2000

— Against the Grain

"...presents an excellent overall view of civil rights in the United States. The well-written articles, the pleasing format, and ease of access to specific information make it a good choice for both public and academic libraries."-- American Reference Books Annual 2001


"The lengthy article on civil rights history is divided into five chronological sections and serves as excellent overview of the movement...another nice feature of this book is that there is an entry for every state, which addresses the civil rights issues unique to that state...This set will be well used in my library by students looking for introductory information related to civil rights topics...Highly recommended." -- The Book Report (November/December 2000)

— Book Report

"This set is broader in scope than Mark Grossman's ABC-CLIO Companion to the Civil Rights Movement... and Molefi Asante and Mark Mattson's The African American Atlas." -- The Book Report (November/December 2000)

— Book Report

"...signed articles, written by college and university professors, consultants, and subject experts, are clearly written and accessible...Balance is appropriate, with broad movements, historical periods, prominent persons, or general topics (e.g. Film) receiving several pages, while less extensive or significant topics are treated in a column or so...Given the slightly different treatment and breadth of coverage, the two works [Sharpe's and Macmillan's] can be regarded as complimentary. High school, college, and university students will be well served with either work, those looking for an emphasis on the African American civil rights movement in the South may prefer Civil Rights in the United States." -- Booklist/RBB, August 2000

— Booklist

"The Civil Rights in the United States set takes a much broader view of the subject...the historical period considered is exclusively post-Civil War... In general, the quality and currency of the content is outstanding..." -- MultiCultural Review (December 2000)

— MultiCultural Review

"The goal of this clearly written, accessible set is ' make the latest scholarship on the subject available to a wide audience...' While much of it focuses on the struggles of African Americans, other minorities such as women, Latino Americans, Asian Americans, Native Americans, lesbians and gays, immigrants, prisoners, political dissidents, and the disabled are included..." -- School Library Journal (December 2000)

— School Library Journal

"Among the 332 contributors are such major scholars as Gerald Early, Frances Fox Pliven, Robin Kelley, and Kermit Hall...this is a very important reference work because of its enormous reach; it should be in all sizeable academic and public libraries." -- Library Journal (September 1, 2000)

— Library Journal

"...Happily, the editors' concern with article length and style makes Civil Rights more readable than some other collective efforts..." -- Choice (December 2000)

— Choice