The Discretionist, 1st Edition

  • Series Name: Five Star First Edition Mystery Standing Order Plan
  • Lance Hawvermale
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  • ISBN-10: 1432828665
  • ISBN-13: 9781432828660
  • DDC: Fic
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  • 340 Pages | Print | Hardcover
  • © 2014 | Published



Limousine driver Micah Donovan prides himself on his discretion. Regardless of what transpires in the back of his car every night‚ he keeps his eyes on the road and his heart so far away that he can no longer reach it.

But something’s different tonight in Las Vegas. The driver’s wealthy client‚ Austin Savlodar‚ is the malicious son of an imprisoned gangster. During their journey through the neon streets‚ Micah overhears Savlodar forcing himself upon a woman in the back of the car. Reminding himself that it’s none of his business‚ Micah delivers them to their destination.

But when Savlodar requests another young beauty be delivered to his door‚ Micah is unable to turn a deaf ear‚ and he rescues Katelyn just before Savlodar can hurt her. Together they flee into the night‚ with Savlodar’s enforcer pursuing them.

Micah’s carefully crafted life‚ so far free of impediment and incident‚ breaks apart in his hands. He has only Katelyn to keep him standing — a woman he hardly knows yet is unable to resist. The two of them have little choice but to run to stay alive.

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Five Star First Edition Mystery Standing Order Plan

Five Star Mysteries are standard print, first editions from award-winning authors as well as up-and-coming authors of the Mystery genre. These hardcover first editions will consist of new novels and short story collections plus novels that have been restored from original typescripts. The Five Star First Edition Mystery Series titles are carefully selected to appeal to a broad range of genre fans and include all subgenres of mystery: romantic suspense, traditional mysteries, private eye novels, cozies, hard-boiled detectives, and short story collections. The mystery genre continues to boom and this plan speaks directly to what today’s readers want -- a mix of original novels and short fiction collections from established, award-winning professionals as well as up-and-coming writers in the field. Previous authors have included Ralph McInerny, Catherine Dain, Les Roberts, Jeremiah Healy, and more. New, as of June 2004, four (4) titles shipped approximately every four weeks. Actual covers may be different from those shown.