Out of the Wilderness: A Western Story, 1st Edition

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  • Max Brand
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Peter Dunstan is a big rancher who wants to control more land. When he buys Dr. Henry Morgan’s ranchland that had been unsuccessfully converted to farming‚ it is Dunstan’s intention to return it to open range. The only stipulation Morgan makes is that Dunstan must retain Sandy Sweyn‚ who has more or less been Dr. Morgan’s ward‚ although the man is of age. Sweyn is generally considered to be a half-wit‚ even by the doctor. Yet Sandy has a fabulous gift. He is able to communicate with animals and birds. Dunstan decides to turn Sweyn’s gifts to his advantage by setting him what might be considered completely impossible tasks. The problem for Dunstan is that after each of these incredible tasks is accomplished‚ the result carries some personal misfortune for him. It is for this reason that Dunstan drives Sweyn into the mountain wilderness where his prowess in time becomes legendary in that rugged country.

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Five Star First Edition Westerns Standing Order Plan

Five Star Westerns are standard print, first editions from top Western writers. The majority are brand new manuscripts from the best contemporary writers; a few are serials from magazine publications of many years ago, and -- occasionally -- we find an unpublished manuscript from some of the classic Western writers of a bygone era. Five Star consistently brings you the best quality writing the genre has to offer. Five Star Western authors have won numerous awards including the National Cowboy Hall of Fame's Western Heritage Award, Levi Strauss' Golden Saddleman Award, the Spur Award from Western Writers of America and many regional awards as well. The Western genre is not dead! The Western story is the American story. There's a morality and a certain nobility in Westerns, not consistently found in other genres. Westerns are much more than guns and horses. Strong characters and a strong sense of place and time characterize all our Five Star Western titles. Five Star publishes the best Westerns available today by the top writers of both the present and past. All are published in our durable library edition hardcover format. Actual covers may be different from those shown.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Max Brand

Max Brand is the best-known pen name of Frederick Faust, creator of Dr. Kildare, Destry, and many other fictional characters popular with readers and viewers worldwide. Eighty motion pictures have been based on his work along with many radio and television programs.

Since his untimely death during World War II, new books based on magazine serials or unpublished manuscripts or restored versions continue to appear so that, alive or dead, he has averaged a new book every four months for seventy-five years. His next Five Star Western will be The Double Rider.

His Website is www.MaxBrandOnline.com.