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Dynamic Argument, 1st Edition

  • Robert Lamm Arkansas State University
  • Justin Everett University of the Sciences in Philadelphia
  • ISBN-10: 0618475184  |  ISBN-13: 9780618475186
  • 864 Pages
  • © 2007 | Published
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This cutting-edge rhetoric with readings combines a process-oriented approach to persuasive writing with captivating essays and dynamic visuals. Thoroughly tested in the authors’ own classrooms, the engaging readings explore different perspectives on relevant topics such as health, pop culture, and the individual in society, bringing to life issues students grapple with in their lives as citizens, consumers, and family members. The essays--including those written by the authors’ own students--serve as motivational models for student writing. Cartoons, comic strips, and photographs complement the readings and stimulate critical thinking on a wide range of issues. The rhetoric section of Dynamic Argument presents twelve chapters sequenced to lead students through the writing process. From chapter to chapter, students discover a variety of persuasive writing tools. They then learn to develop their own points of view and to use logic to support them. A complete technology package accompanies the text, making teaching and learning writing even more dynamic.

Features and Benefits

  • Three chapters on planning, drafting, and revising--along with creative examples and guided practice--focus students on a variety of writing techniques. Students can revisit these chapters while working on writing assignments to reinforce their understanding of key skills.
  • Creative formatting, an abundance of illustrations, and entertaining-yet-instructive cartoons engage students and underscore important points.
  • The authors employ non-technical and user-friendly terms, and examples to present the elements of argumentation and the writing process.
  • Useful teaching aids in the rhetoric section of the text include revision and editing guides, a scoring guide, student-written essays, and writing tips--materials that teachers often have to provide as supplements to a text. The examples and guidelines help students write more effectively at the college level.
  • Compelling visuals and cooperative learning exercises address the needs of both traditional and non-traditional learners.
  • The authors’ straightforward writing style and mentoring tone resembles a one-on-one conference between student and instructor, coaching the student through the writing process and the readings.

Table of Contents

I. Rhetoric
1. Introduction
Dynamics of Arguments
Writing Arguments
2. Claims
Degrees of Controversy
Functions in Writing
Types of Claims
3. Support
4. The Reader’s Response to Arguments
Reader Response: How You Read
Questioning Critically
Process of Reading: Previewing, Reading, and Responding
Working with Multiple Arguments
5. Planning Arguments
Understanding the Assignment
Generating Material
Organizing Materials
6. Drafting Arguments
Structure of an Argument
The Five-Paragraph Theme
Tying It All Together
7. Revising and Editing Arguments
Revising an Argument
Giving and Receiving Advice
Editing an Argument
8. Researching Arguments
The Process of Research
Planning Research: From Research Topic to Research Question
Conducting Research
Evaluating Sources
Electronic Research
A Final Word on Sources: Currency
Avoiding Plagiarism
9. Quoting, Paraphrasing, Summarizing
10. Using Logic
What Is Logic?
Authority, Emotion, and Logic
Deductive Logic
The Logical Structure of an Argument
Carl Rogers: Conflict Resolution
11. Strategies and Fallacies
Rhetorical Questions
Figurative Language
12. Arguing Visually
Elements of Design
Understanding Visual Arguments
Anthology of Visual Arguments
Levels of Completeness in Visual Arguments
13. MLA Documentation
In-Text Citations in MLA Style
Creating a Works Cited List
14. APA Documentation
In-Text Citations in APA Style
Preparing the Reference List (Bibliography)
II. Reader
15. Health and Medicine: The Obesity Epidemic, Stem-Cell Research, and the Psychology of Success
Issue 1: The Obesity Epidemic
Considering the Issue of Chronic Obesity
Amy Dickinson, "Measuring Up"
Patrick Johnson, "Obesity: Epidemic or Myth?"
Amanda Spake, "Rethinking Weight: Hey, Maybe It’s Not a Weakness. Just Maybe...It’s a Disease"
Howard Markel, "A Global Epidemic in the Making?"
Issue 2: Stem-Cell Research
Considering the Issue of Stem-Cell Research
Christopher Reeve, "Use the Body’s Repair Kit"
Virginia Postrel, "Should Human Cloning Be Allowed? Yes, Don’t Impede Medical Progress"
Eric Cohen and William Kristol, "Should Human Cloning Be Allowed? No, It’s a Moral Monstrosity"
Ron Reagan Jr., "Remarks by Ron Reagan Jr., to the 2004 Democratic National Convention"
Michael Fumento, "Cynical and Cruel: Ron Reagan’s DNC Speech Was Exploitation--of His Father and of Science"
Sharon Begley, "Now That Chimeras Exist"
Issue 3: The Psychology of Success
Considering the Issue of the Psychology of Success
Daniel Eisenberg, "How to Help Them Succeed"
Hara Estroff Marano, "Rocking the Cradle of Class"
Carlin Flora, "The Measuring Game: Why You Think You’ll Never Stack Up"
Richard Wiseman, "The Luck Factor"
16. The Individual in Society: Same-Sex Marriage, Poverty, and Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech
Issue 1: Same-Sex Marriage
Andrew Sullivan, "Why the M Word Matters to Me"
Robert W. Patterson, "Why Gay Marriage Doesn’t Measure Up"
Ramesh Ponnuru, "Option Four"
Komal Bhojwani, "Mother Land"
Issue 2: Poverty
Johan Norberg, "The Scientist’s Pursuit of Happiness"
Alexander Keyssar, "Reminders of Poverty, Soon Forgotten"
Larry Elder, "Katrina, the Race Card, and the Welfare State"
Jim Wallis, "What the Waters Revealed"
Issue 3: Political Correctness and Freedom of Speech
Diane Ravitch, "The Language Police: Can We Stop Them?"
Lawrence White, "Hate Speech Codes That Will Pass Constitutional Muster"
Nat Hentoff, "Is It Time to Retire ’Politically Correct’?"
17. Security: Islam and the West, Immigration Control, and the Culture of Fear
Issue 1: Islam and the West
Considering the Issue of Islam and the West
John Ashcroft, "The Patriot Act: Wise beyond Its Years"
Ali Al-Ahmed, "Hypocrisy Most Holy"
Petra Bartosiewicz, "I.O.U. One Terrorist"
Queen Noor al-Hussein, "Afterword from Leap of Faith"
Gregory Melleuish, "Globalized Religions for a Globalized World"
Issue 2: Immigration Control
Considering the Issue of Immigration Control
Rupert Murdoch, "Let Us Give Thanks to Our Immigrants"
William F. Buckley, "Can We Stop Illegals?"
Peter Duignan, "Do Immigrants Benefit America?"
Jim Couch, J. Douglas Barrett, and Peter M. Williams, "Total Amnesty for Illegal Aliens?"
Issue 3: The Culture of Fear
Considering the Issue of the Culture of Fear
Frank Furedi, "The Market in Fear"
Paul Rogers, "A World Becoming More Peaceful?"
David G. Myers, "Do We Fear the Right Things?"
Joyce Carol Oates, "The Aesthetics of Fear"
18. The Future: Environmental Sustainability, Artificial Intelligence, and Human Longevity
Issue 1: Environmental Sustainability
Considering the Issue of Environmental Sustainability
Edward O. Wilson, "The Bottleneck"
Jan Otto Andersson, "Our Full Unequal World"
Michael Crichton, "Environmentalism as Religion Run Amok"
Issue 2: Artificial Intelligence
Considering the Issue of Artificial Intelligence
Ray Kurzweil, "An Inexorable Emergence"
Bill Joy, "The Dark Side of Technology"
Steven B. Harris, "A.I. and the Return of the Krell Machine"
Issue 3: Human Longevity
Considering the Issue of Human Longevity
Ben Bova, "It’s Completely Impossible"
Gregory Stock and Daniel Callahan, "Point-Counterpoint: Would Doubling the Human Life Span Be a Net Positive or Negative for Us Either as Individuals or as a Society?"
Henry J. Aaron and William B. Schwartz, "Coping with Methuselah"
19. Popular Culture: Violent Entertainment, Body Modifications, and Consumerism
Issue 1: Violent Entertainment: Video Games and Rap Music
Considering the Issue of Violent Entertainment
Anonymous, "Breeding Evil? Defending Video Games"
David Grossman, "B. F. Skinner’s Rats and Operant Conditioning at the Video Arcade"
Tony Reichhardt, "Playing with Fire?"
Sara Rimensnyder, "Bang, You’re Dead"
Cynthia Wagner, "Aggression and Violent Media"
Barbara Dafoe Whitehead, "Parents Need Help"
Lloyd Eby, "Why Eminem Is a Problem"
J. McCrillis, "Why Eminem Is Important"
Issue 2: Body Modification
Considering the Issue of Body Modification
Anonymous, "Focusing on Body Image Dissatisfaction"
Colin Milner, "The Perfect Body Could Be Detrimental to Our Health"
Anonymous, "Pots of Promise: The Beauty Business"
John Leo, "The Modern Primitives"
Deborah Shouse, "Mark Her Words"
David Concar, "The Boldest Cut"
Issue 3: Consumerism
Considering the Issue of Consumerism
Laurence Shames, "The More Factor"
Bill McKibben, "The Christian Paradox: How a Faithful Nation Gets Jesus Wrong"
Robert Samuelson, "Shop ’til We Drop?"
Gary Gardner, "Hungry for More: Reengaging Religious Teachings on Consumption"
Geoffrey Calvin, "Admit It: You, too, Are Paris Hilton"
Charles Leadbeater, "Globalization: Now the Good News"
20. Classic Arguments
Plato, "Crito"
Jonathan Swift, "A Modest Proposal for Preventing the Children of Poor People in Ireland from Being a Burden to Their Parents or County, and for Making Them Beneficial to the Public"
Thomas Jefferson, "Declaration of Independence"
Henry David Thoreau, "On Civil Disobedience"
Florence Nightingale, "Women’s Time"
Elizabeth Cady Stanton, "Address by Elizabeth Cady Stanton on Women’s Rights"
Mina Loy, "Feminist Manifesto"
George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language"
Martin Luther King, Jr., "Letter from Birmingham Jail"


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Robert Lamm

As Director of English Education at Arkansas State University since 1991, Robert Lamm teaches teachers how to teach writing. Past highlights include serving as a teacher-consultant for a National Writing Project site in Oklahoma 1980-1991 and directing an NWP site in Arkansas 1992-1999. Dr. Lamm taught graduate-level English courses at Notre Dame University (summers of 2007 and 2008) as a visiting professor. Since 2003, he has directed the Summer Writing Retreat at the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Education Center. Dr. Lamm currently is collaborating with colleagues in Syria and China on ESL research projects. In spring 2012, he will serve as a visiting professor at the University of Jilin, China. His doctoral dissertation (1994) at the University of Oklahoma was on methods of teaching argumentative writing.

Justin Everett

Justin Everett is Interim Director of Writing Programs at the University of the Sciences, where he oversees first-year writing, the university Writing Center, writing across the curriculum, and professional writing. He also serves as acting chair of the Professional Writing faculty. In addition to first-year writing, he teaches courses in professional writing, public relations writing, advanced argumentative writing, scientific writing, rhetoric of science, and other areas. Dr. Everett is active in the Council of Writing Program Administrators, the Philadelphia Council of Writing Program Administrators, and the Independent Writing Programs Affiliate of the CWPA. When not administering writing programs, Dr. Everett serves as co-chair of the Pulp Studies area for the Popular Culture Association.