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Grammar and Writing Skills for the Health Professional, 1st Edition

  • Doreen Villemaire Oberg
  • Lorraine Villemaire
  • ISBN-10: 0766812596  |  ISBN-13: 9780766812598
  • 256 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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The Elements and Style of Writing for the Allied Health Professional is the first text to exclusively address the writing concerns of health professionals, as well as students preparing for employment. the text applies the fundamentals of the writing process and English grammar to the sentence and paragraph structures used in medical reporting, charting and documentation. chapter exercises place emphasis on proofreading medical documents, a key skill for all health care workers. Lessons relate to activities routinely performed in a health care setting, illustrating the relevance between education and job performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Only grammar and writing text geared for health professionals.
  • Provides examples of usage within a medical context.
  • Many exercises to reinforce learning.
  • Incorporates usage and familiarity with medical terminology.

Table of Contents

Section One: Grammar Overview. Chapter One: Nouns. Chapter Two: Pronouns. Chapter Three: Verbs. Chapter Four: Adjectives. Chapter Five: Adverbs. Chapter Six: Prepositions and Conjunctions. Section Two: Phrases, Clauses, Sentences and Paragraghs. Chapter Seven: Phrases and Clauses. Chapter Eight: Sentences. Chapter Nine: Punctuation. Chapter Ten: The Paragraph. Section Three: Writing Skills. Chapter Eleven: Additional Guidelines for Effective Writing. Section Four: Applications. Chapter Twelve: Medical Office Correspondence. Chapter Thirteen: Charting and Documentation. Chapter Fourteen: Introduction to Medical Reports. Chapter 15: Additional Writing Applications..

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Doreen Villemaire Oberg

Doreen Villemaire Oberg, M.Ed, RN, CMA, has enjoyed a vast array of experiences during her career as nurse, teacher, and administrator. As a nurse she has worked in intravenous therapy, PACU, ICU, and pediatric nursing. As a teacher she has taught courses for practitioners ranging from administrative personnel through the clinical sciences to medical assistants and health professionals at the college level. As an administrator she brought her medical and educational knowledge together as chairperson of a growing medical assistant program in New England, where she was involved in the development, evolution, and opening of several medical assisting programs. Now she is semi-retired and lives in Florida.