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Advanced Legal Research Exercise Manual, 1st Edition

  • Kathleen A. Portuan Miller
  • ISBN-10: 0766820246  |  ISBN-13: 9780766820241
  • 178 Pages
  • © 2001 | Published
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"Advanced Legal Research Exercise Manual" is a text written by a legal research and writing professional for paralegal and law students and their instructors. Presented with a practical and educational approach, it provides students with a solid understanding of how to conduct legal research. Covering a wide array of subjects, including medicine, business and the Internet, the text is widely applicable. Each chapter contains an introduction, an overview and a variety of exercises to help the student attain a better understanding of the material.

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Features and Benefits

  • provides information and tips on how to conduct advanced legal research, making it an invaluable reference for anyone in the legal field
  • covers legal research in an array of subjects, making it widely applicable
  • each chapter contains an introduction, an overview and in-depth exercises, helping the reader attain a better understanding of the subject matter

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Business Law. Chapter 2: Bankruptcy Law. Chapter 3: Tax Law. Chapter 4: Patents and Trademark Law. Chapter 5: Employment/Labor Law. Chapter 6: Securities/Insurance Law. Chapter 7: International Law. Chapter 8: Medical Research. Chapter 9: Wills and Estates. Chapter 10: Legislative Histories and Government Documents. Chapter 11: Environmental Law. Chapter 12: Criminal Law/Criminal Procedure. Chapter 13: Advanced Westlaw Problems. Chapter 14: Advanced Lexis Problems. Chapter 15: Internet Research.