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School Based Group Counseling, 1st Edition

  • Christopher A. Sink Seattle Pacific University
  • Cher Edwards Seattle Pacific University
  • Christie Eppler Seattle University
  • ISBN-10: 0618574476  |  ISBN-13: 9780618574476
  • 336 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Specifically focused on the school counseling profession, the cutting-edge new SCHOOL BASED GROUP COUNSELING delivers a professional, comprehensive, and well-balanced group counseling text for K-12 preservice school counselors. Combining theory, research, case studies, real-world examples, and plenty of hands-on material, this exciting new First Edition walks preservice school counselors step by step through the development, planning, implementation, and evaluation of small groups in school counseling. Written by professionals in the field, it offers thorough discussions of K-12 case studies and group examples from practicing school counselors. It also provides an excellent context for group work through a discussion of the pertinent theories and key research. The authors use the lens of real-world, school-based practice, strengths-based counseling, systems thinking, developmental psychology, and ASCA's National Model.

Features and Benefits

  • Unlike generic texts geared toward a mix of counseling subspecialties, this cutting-edge First Edition is written specifically for students entering or already working in the school counseling profession.
  • Extremely relevant, SCHOOL BASED GROUP COUNSELING is packed with illustrative practical case studies and vignettes that bring chapter concepts to life.
  • Practicing school counselors contributed most of the material presented in the text, giving it an insightful real-world perspective.
  • The essential group counseling function is thoroughly explained within the context of comprehensive school counseling programs and the ACSA national model.
  • The text also addresses counseling groups with students who are at risk for school failure.
  • Comprehensive coverage includes all phases of small group work--developing, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Small Groups in Today's Schools.
2. Foundations of School-Based Group Counseling.
3. The Basics of Group Preparation and Implementation.
4. Facilitating Small Groups.
5. Professional Considerations in Conducting Groups in Schools.
6. Groups for Elementary School Students.
7. Groups for Middle School and Junior High School Students.
8. Groups for High School Students.
9. Small Groups for Students with Special Needs.
10. Small Groups for Students of Color: Multicultural Considerations.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 1111526273 | ISBN-13: 9781111526276)

The instructors manual for SCHOOL BASED GROUP COUNSELING, 1e, brings a host of helpful planning and teaching resources to your fingertips, along with a comprehensive chapter-by-chapter test bank.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Christopher A. Sink

Christopher Sink, Ph.D., NCC, LMHC, a professor of Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University for more than 16 years, has been actively involved with the school counseling profession for almost 30 years. He has conducted small groups in K-12 schools and teaches the group counseling class. Prior to serving as a counselor educator, he worked as a secondary and post-secondary counselor. He has many years of editorial experience in counseling-related journals--including ASCA's PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING and ACA's COUNSELING AND VALUES--and has published extensively in various areas related to school counseling and educational psychology. A strong advocate for systemic and strengths-based school-based counseling, his research agenda includes topics examining the outcomes of comprehensive school counseling programs, research methods in school counseling, and spirituality as an important feature of adolescent resiliency. He is also the author of MENTAL HEALTH INTERVENTIONS FOR SCHOOL COUNSELORS (Brooks/Cole, 2011). Dr. Sink has a three-year visiting professor/scholar appointment in the Faculty of Education and Theology, York St John University, York, England.

Cher Edwards

Cher Edwards is associate professor and chair of Counselor Education at Seattle Pacific University. She has taught group counseling and supervised pre-service school counselors for more than ten years and has focused her scholarly activities on issues relevant to the school counseling profession, specifically addressing cultural competency and social justice issues. Professor Edwards serves as vice president of post secondary education for the Washington School Counseling Association and is the founding president of Washington Counselors For Social Justice.

Christie Eppler

Christie Eppler is an associate professor of pastoral counseling at Seattle University. She previously served as an associate professor in the Counselor Education program at Seattle Pacific University, was an assistant professor in the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at Seton Hall University, and taught family nursing classes at the University of Michigan, Flint. Dr. Eppler is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT, Washington) and holds an approved supervisor designation from the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (AAMFT). Her clinical practice covers the complete age span of children, youth, and adults as demonstrated by two years of counseling with children and families in an elementary school setting, several years of clinical work with children, teens and their families at community-based clinics, and work as a mental health counselor at a college counseling center. A member of the American Counseling Association (ACA), Dr. Eppler is past-president of the Washington State Association of Counselor Educators and Supervisors (WSACES). The Washington State School Counselor Association (WSCA) named her Counselor Educator of the Year in 2007. She has published in PROFESSIONAL SCHOOL COUNSELING, PSYCHOLOGY IN THE SCHOOLS, and JOURNAL OF MARITAL AND FAMILY THERAPY. Her qualitative research focuses on the intersections of spiritual counseling and narrative therapy, resiliency, and issues of social justice.