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Quick Coach Guide to Service Learning, 1st Edition

  • Ellen Hajek Red Rock Community College
  • ISBN-10: 0547207360  |  ISBN-13: 9780547207360
  • 64 Pages
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Today, community service activities are being combined with academic instruction to make learning experiences more meaningful and to show students the importance of giving back to the community. This combination, known as "Service Learning," has proven to be a win-win concept for the colleges and the community organizations that participate in the programs. Part of the QUICK COACH GUIDE series, QUICK COACH GUIDE TO SERVICE LEARNING is a compact booklet designed to help students get the most out of their service experience. Topics are organized chronologically, from the selection of a volunteer project, to the in-class presentation upon completion of the project. The appendix includes various service-learning project descriptions, resources for creating in-class presentations, and information about locating local nonprofit organizations.

Table of Contents

Definition of Service Learning. Benefits to Students. Benefits to the Community. How Service Learning Is Set Up. What Kinds of Volunteer Work Are Available? What If You Don't Like What You Are Doing? Thinking It Over. Challenge Activity.. HOW WILL YOU FIND A SERVICE-LEARNING PROJECT?
What Are Your Interests? Start Your Search. Contact the Organization. Model Telephone Conversation. Thinking It Over. Challenge Activity.
Preparation. Writing Your Questions. What Information Do You Need? Use Open-Ended Questions. Recording the Information. Another Student's Experience. Conducting the Interview. Follow-up Letter. Thinking It Over. Challenge Activity.
The Interview Process. Preparation. What to Expect. Volunteers and Liability. The Community Service Experience. Observation. Participation. Problems. Ethics. Thinking It Over. Challenge Activity.
Example in Worksheet Format. People I Met. What I Did. Responses from Clients and Staff Members. Changes I Had to Make. Events. Technology I Observed and/or Used. Challenges. Feeling Uncomfortable. Things I Learned. What I Want Other People to Know about the Organization. Thinking It Over. Challenge Activity.
Reflecting and Brainstorming. Essay Types. Informative Essay. Persuasive. Editorial. Analytical. Brochure. Video Presentation. Oral Presentation. A Checklist for Your Presentation. Think It Over. Challenge Activity.
Locating Nonprofit Organizations and Associations. Service Learning Project Descriptions. Forms. Websites for creating student presentations. Sample telephone conversations. Sample Questions. Student Work Samples.

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Ellen Hajek

Ellen Hajek is a college professor and professional writer. Before coming to her current position at Red Rocks Community College in Lakewood, Colorado, she taught in Nebraska, Iowa, and Colorado public schools, in addition to the Colorado School of Mines. Hajek also engaged in freelance writing for magazines, newspapers, and educational publishers. Later, she was employed as the development coordinator for the Cleo Wallace Center in Broomfield, Colorado. In 1994, Hajek began her own publication business, focusing on developing educational materials for home-schoolers and for children with learning difficulties. Hajek's publications include HUMPTIES, Parts of Speech with "Eggceptional" Personalities (now with Builder Books); BUILDING SENTENCES with the HUMPTIES (Builder Books); DIAGRAMMING, the Key to Understanding Grammar (Builder Books); and THE "HOW TO WRITE" BOOK (Teaching & Learning Company).