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Observing Children and Adolescents: Student Workbook, 1st Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Michie Swartwood State University of New York at Cortland
  • Kathy H. Trotter Chattanooga State University
  • ISBN-10: 0534622720  |  ISBN-13: 9780534622725
  • 176 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
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OBSERVING CHILDREN AND ADOLESCENTS is an approximately 200 minute program of video segments that feature the highlights of infant, child and adolescent development. Designed to deepen student's understanding of major developmental milestones, the program focuses on concrete and observable behavior and features segments of children interacting with peers, parents, and teachers in a variety of settings. The video focuses on how major developmental theories are exhibited in everyday behavior. Instructors can use the program as a classroom lecture tool or observational component. Because it is also available for student purchase, the program can also be utilized for out of class assignments. The observational video program is available for instructors on VHS with Instructor's Manual, free upon adoption of any Wadsworth Child Development textbook. It is also available for student purchase on a CD-ROM that comes automatically packaged with a student workbook. The student workbook features concept overviews, key terms and definitions, and a variety of critical thinking applications, many that ask the student to approach the same video segment from more than one theoretical perspective.

Table of Contents

1. Prenatal development, birth, the newborn, infants, and toddlers (0 - 2 yrs).
Observation Module One (unnarrated footage): Infants and Toddlers.
2. Early childhood (2 - 5 yrs).
Observation Module Two (unnarrated footage): Early Childhood.
3. Middle childhood (5 - 11 yrs).
Observational Module Three (unnarrated footage): Middle Childhood.
4. Adolescence (12 - 18 yrs).
Observational Module Four (unnarrated footage): Adolescence.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Michie Swartwood

Dr. Michie Swartwood received her Ph.D. in psychology, with a specialization in developmental neuroscience, from the University of Tennessee in 1994. She then completed a two-year post-doctoral fellowship in developmental disabilities at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, working in both Developmental Pediatrics, with the birth to age 5 population, and in the school age Learning Center. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor of psychology at the State University of New York, Cortland, where she teaches courses in psychology of exceptionality and conducts research on frontal lobe development and executive function, with a specific interest in ADHD.

Kathy H. Trotter

Dr. K. H. Trotter received her Ph.D. in psychology with a specialization in developmental psychology from the University of Tennessee in 1996. She taught for several years as assistant professor at Chattanooga State and served as a behavior management specialist for the college's child development center. Currently, she teaches part-time and works as a consultant developing software and other educational supplements.