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Organized Crime in America, 1st Edition

  • Dennis Jay Kenney University of Nebraska
  • James O. Finckenauer Rutgers University
  • ISBN-10: 0534247024  |  ISBN-13: 9780534247027
  • 416 Pages
  • © 1995 | Published
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This text includes complete discussion of theories of organized crime, major forms of organized crime, and deterrence. It goes beyond other texts in providing a thorough discussion of the history of organized crime as well as emerging new crime organizations.

Table of Contents

1. The Problems of Definition: What is Organized Crime?
2. The Theories of Organized Crime: Explaining the Past, Present, and Future .
3. In the Beginning: Blackbeard and the Others.
4. Organized Crime as an Evolving Enterprise: Crime in New York.
5. Organized Crime as an Evolving Enterprise: Crime in Chicago.
6. The Role of Prohibition.
7. Prohibition Today: Narcotics, Control, and Organized Crime.
8. Gambling, Loans, and the Other Businesses of Organized Crime.
9. Myths and Organized Crime: Is There a ''Mafia'' and Does it Really Matter?
10. Ethnic and International Organized Crime.
11. Urban Gangs, Motorcycle Gangs, and Hate Groups: Other Forms of Domestic Organized Crime?
12. Methods of Combating Organized Crime.
13. Policy Issues in Dealing with Organized Crime.