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The Industrial Revolution, 1st Edition

  • Steven M. Beaudoin Centre College
  • ISBN-10: 0618220259  |  ISBN-13: 9780618220250
  • 256 Pages
  • © 2003 | Published
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A volume in the Problems in European Civilization series, this book features a collection of secondary-source essays that focus on various aspects of the Industrial Revolution. This text takes a broad view of industrialization, looking at countries other than England and examining causation back to the 16th century.

Table of Contents

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I. Defining the Industrial Revolution
David S. Landes, The Unbound Prometheus
William H. Sewell, Jr., Work and Revolution in France
E.A. Wrigley, Continuity, Chance, and Change
Maxine Berg and Pat Hudson, Rehabilitating the Industrial Revolution
II. The Origins and Nature of Industrialization
Joel Mokyr, The Lever of Riches
Nathan Rosenberg and L.E. Birdzell, Jr., How the West Grew Rich
Robert S. DuPlessis, Transitions to Capitalism in Early Modern Europe
Jan De Vries, The Industrial Revolution and the Industrious Revolution
III. Sites of Industrialization
Joel Mokyr, The Industrial Revolution and the New Economic History
Kenneth Pomeranz, The Great Divergence
Alexander Gerschenkron, Economic Backwardness in Historical Perspective
Paul M. Hohenberg and Lynn Hollen Lees, The Making of Urban Europe, 1000-1950
IV. Class Formation and Work Experience
Ira Katznelson, Working-Class Formation
Stephen Nicholas and Richard H. Steckel, Heights and Living Standards of English Workers During the Early Years of Industrialization, 1770-1815
E.P. Thompson, Time, Work-Discipline, and Industrial Capitalism
Michael B. Miller, The Bon Marché
V. Gender, Family, and Class
Louise A. Tilly and Joan W. Scott, Women, Work and Family
Elinor Accampo, Industrialization, Family Life, and Class Relations: Saint Chamond, 1815-1914
Lenore Davidoff and Catherine Hall, Family Fortunes
Sonya O. Rose, Limited Livelihoods

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Steven M. Beaudoin

Steven Beaudoin is an assistant professor of History at Centre College. He received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University in 1996. He currently serves as the director of Centre-in-Europe in Strasbourg, France. He specializes in modern European history and the Industrial Revolution and regularly teaches courses in these areas. His publications include a book on poverty in world history, to be published by Routledge Press, as well as numerous scholarly essays in academic journals. Most recently, his article on Current Debates in the Study of the Industrial Revolution was published in the Organization of American Historians Fall 2000 issue.