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Investigating Your Career, 2nd Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Ann Jordan
  • Lynne Whaley
  • ISBN-10: 0538444762  |  ISBN-13: 9780538444767
  • 320 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2004
  • © 2008 | Published
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INVESTIGATING YOUR CAREER 2E is the perfect solution for the states that now require/recommend a semester length middle school/junior high career course before graduating students to high school. This is an opportunity for students to direct their attention toward an area of interest that might develop into a career path and identify high school and college course offerings related to their career choices. This revised middle school/junior high career exploration text uniquely focuses on the students’ individual PATH to success: their Passions, Attitude, Talents, and Heart, as career possibilities are explored. By choosing a career based on what they want to do, they develop the ability to make informed decisions about their future, are more excited about learning, and are more motivated to stay in school. Students learn critical success skills such as how to budget their money, the value and misuse of credit, and how to manage their time. Focusing education on the future, the U.S. Office of Education has grouped careers into 16 clusters based on similar job characteristics. Every chapter in INVESTIGATING YOUR CAREER 2E includes detailed information on a career cluster allowing students to learn about the various career options available to them. The career cluster approach makes it easier for students to understand the relevance of their required courses and helps them select their elective courses more wisely.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • ACTIVITY CD, packaged with every text, includes a Career Portfolio Builder which contains instructions and forms for keeping track of items to use in a career portfolio, Text Activities (forms), and additional Activities and Projects.
  • P*A*T*H to Success is a four-step approach used throughout the book to help students with the self-discovery process. It helps students explore their passions, attitude, talents, and heart, through career assessments and developing a career plan.
  • REAL PEOPLE/REAL CAREERS, one per chapter, identify the DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATIONS 16 CAREER CLUSTERS. They tell engaging, true stories that spotlight interesting careers and career paths, expanding students' knowledge of career possibilities. Web sites provide an opportunity for more exploration.
  • NET BOOKMARK provides Internet activities that allow the student to expand their knowledge of career topics and to enhance their research skills.
  • A portfolio icon appears throughout the text to identify specific documents that can be put into the CAREER PORTFOLIO BUILDER. These activities are used to help discover ideal careers, to develop career plans, and to provide guidance on the career journey.
  • THINK CRITICALLY questions relating to material that has just been covered help develop critical thinking and decision making skills.
  • CAREER SUCCESS TIP includes tips to help students succeed in a career by showing the importance of planning for the future early on. The importance of volunteer work and extra-curricular activities is explored as well as educational and work experiences that will help build the skills needed to be successful in a chosen career.
  • An abundance of CHAPTER ASSESSMENTS can be found at the end of each chapter. Included are a Chapter Summary, Vocabulary Builder, Review What you Have Learned, Activities, and Case Challenges which offer valuable student knowledge reinforcement.

Table of Contents

1. Preparing Your Path to Success.
2. Influences on Career Choices.
3. Understanding Yourself.
4. Looking into the Future.
5. Understanding Future Careers.
6. Your Internal Career Design.
7. Setting Goals.
8. Career Preparation Choices.
9. From Here to Your Career.
10. Succeeding in a Career.
11. Teamwork.
12. Understanding the Workplace.
13. Searching for a Job.
14. Applying for a Job.
15. Interviewing for a Job.

What's New

  • Complete coverage of the Department of Education's 16 CAREER CLUSTERS allows students to investigate a wide range of career choices. The career cluster approach makes it easier to understand the relevance of their required courses and helps them select their elective courses more wisely.
  • Students learn CRITICAL SUCCESS SKILLS such as how to budget their money, the value and misuse of credit, and how to manage their time.
  • Additional FOCUS ON ASSESSMENT with end-of-chapter review questions offering student's chapter comprehension reinforcement.
  • VOCABULARY BUILDER reinforces student understanding of key terms introduced in the chapter and provides additional emphasis on vocabulary.
  • Completely new design and colors add visual interest to help hold students attention.

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Efficacy and Outcomes


"The writing is easily understood and broken down in small segments which helps clarify the material."

— Bonnie Graman, Butler Tech Instructor

"The Think Critically questions serve as good discussion questions during class to help students focus personally and "own" the material."

— Diane Watts, Teacher/Counselor, North College Hill Jr-Sr High School

"Good tips on interviewing."

— Ronalyn Arseneau, BPA Advisor, Aspen Ridge Middle School


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Instructor's Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 0538444819 | ISBN-13: 9780538444811)

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Ann Jordan

Ann Jordan has served as the Career Development Manager for the Great Oaks Institute of Technology & Career Development, where she supervised the K-12 Career Development program. In this capacity, she oversaw career development programs for over 115,000 K-12 students across 36 school districts. Currently, Ann works as a career development consultant for various organizations and school districts in Southwest Ohio. Ann is the co-author of Communicating for Success and Discovering Your Career.

Lynne Whaley

Lynne T. Whaley, an educational consultant in Boise, Idaho, develops and teaches business skills courses for the public and private sector. She has served as an Office Occupations instructor at Boise State University. During the first 13 years of her career, Lynne held a variety of marketing positions at a Fortune 500 telecommunications firm.