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Oran's Dictionary of the Law, 4th Edition

  • includes CD-ROM
  • Daniel Oran, J.D.
  • Mark Tosti
  • ISBN-10: 1418080918  |  ISBN-13: 9781418080914
  • 624 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2000, 1991
  • © 2008 | Published
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Oran's Dictionary of the Law, Fourth Edition, is the easiest to use introduction to legal terminology and concepts on the market. It contains clear definitions of the words that most paralegals, paralegal students, and persons in related fields need to know. The book gives the reader the core of each legal idea and helps them understand the American legal system as well as how to approach research tasks. The book precisely explains contracts, laws, court decisions, and lawyers. This new fourth edition includes a CD-ROM that contains all terms and definitions in the book and over a thousand new and revised definitions. It also includes an updated section on computerized legal research and overhauled sections on bankruptcy, intellectual property, litigation support, national security and other rapidly changing subject areas. Oran's Dictionary of the Law will leave the reader equipped with a precise, technical, legal vocabulary.

Features and Benefits

  • Explains technical jargon in clear language
  • Gives the reader the core of each legal idea rather than confusing details
  • Gets the reader seamlessly from one word or concept to another
  • Tells the reader where to go beyond the book for more information
  • Helps the reader understand contracts, laws, court decisions, and lawyers
  • Helps the reader use a precise technical vocabulary

Table of Contents

Reading the Definitions.
The Basic 50 Words.
Appendix A: Where to Go for More Information.
Appendix B: Lawyer Talk.
Appendix C: Legal Research.
How to Use This Appendix.
Concepts in the Law.
Techniques of Research.
Sources of the Law.
Computer-Assisted Legal Research.
Organization of the Federal Government.
U.S. Courts of Appeals and U.S. District Courts Map.
Civil Lawsuit and Criminal Trial Flowcharts.
Research “Sunshine”.
Sources of the Law.
National Reporter System.
Introduction to a Case in the National Reporter System.
Example of How Legal Subjects are Subdivided.

What's New

  • Contains a CD-ROM that includes all terms and definitions
  • Includes over a thousand new and revised definitions
  • Has overhauled sections of rapidly changing subject areas such as bankruptcy, intellectual property, litigation support, and national security
  • Has an updated section on computerized legal research


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Daniel Oran, J.D.

Daniel Oran is a graduate of Hamilton College and Yale Law School. He has practiced law in Connecticut and the District of Columbia. In addition, he has been Assistant Director of the National Paralegal Institute, Professor of Law at Antioch Law School, staff counsel to a member of Congress and the House Appropriations Committee, and president of Foresight, Incorporated. He has written an internationally reprinted novel and business text as well as professional and popular articles on paralegal education, psychiatry and law, poverty law, and individual rights.

Mark Tosti

Mark Tosti, contributing author, is a graduate of Princeton University, Columbia College, and the Washington College of Law of the American University, where he was also Professorial Lecturer of Law.