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Embedded C Programming and the Microchip PIC, 1st Edition

  • Richard H. Barnett, P.E., Ph.D. Purdue University
  • Sarah Cox
  • Larry O'Cull
  • ISBN-10: 1401837484  |  ISBN-13: 9781401837488
  • 512 Pages
  • © 2004 | Published
  • College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $178.50



This new book is carefully designed to teach C language programming as it applies to embedded microcontrollers and to fuel knowledge in the application of the Microchip® family of PIC® microcontrollers. Coverage begins with a step-by-step exploration of the C language showing readers how to create C language programs to solve problems. PIC processors are then studied, from basic architecture to all of the standard peripheral devices included in the microcontrollers. Numerous worked-out example programs demonstrate common uses for each of the peripherals. Readers are subsequently introduced to the built-in functions available in C, to help speed their programming and problem solving. Finally, readers are taken through use of the C Compiler, and learn to efficiently develop custom projects.

Features and Benefits

  • coverage is organized in logical topic units so that readers can either start with the C language and progress through the PIC hardware and into more advanced topics, or they can choose the order of topics to fit their particular needs
  • a host of worked-out chapter examples and laboratory exercises help readers �learn by doing� as they develop the knowledge and skills needed to achieve efficiency
  • the CD-ROM included with the book contains the source code for all of the software examples in the text which can be used as references or as starting points for specific assignments
  • the student version compiler that is included on the CD-ROM will compile the majority of the example programs in the book, and contains everything that users with their own development boards need to work outside of the class as well as in the school lab
  • Appendices enable this book to function as a quick reference as well as an in-depth guide to embedded C programming

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Embedded C Language Tutorial;
Chapter 2: The Microchip® PIC® RISC Processors;
Chapter 3: Standard I/O and Pre-Processor Functions;
Chapter 4: The CCS-PICC C Compiler and IDE;
Chapter 5: Project Development;
Appendix A: Library Functions Reference;
Appendix B: Programming the PIC Microcontrollers;
Appendix C: CCS ‘ICD-S’ Serial-In-System-Programmer/Debugger;
Appendix D: Microchip ICD-II Serial-In-System-Programmer/Debugger;
Appendix E: The ‘FlashPIC-Dev’ Development Board;
Appendix F: ASCII Table;
Appendix G: PIC16F877 Instruction Set Summary;
Appendix H: PIC18F458 Instruction Set Summary;
Appendix I: Answers To Selected Exercises;


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 1401837492 | ISBN-13: 9781401837495)

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Richard H. Barnett, P.E., Ph.D.

Dr. Richard H. Barnett has been instructing in the area of embedded microcontrollers for the past eighteen years and currently consults actively in the field. Prior to his tenure as a professor of Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University, he spent ten years as an engineer in the aerospace electronics industry. Dr. Barnett¿s teaching awards include the Charles B. Murphy Award as one of the best teachers at Purdue University and Purdue University¿s Book of Great Teachers, a list of the 225 most influential teachers over Purdue¿s entire history.

Sarah Cox

Sarah Cox has a Bachelor of Science degree in both Computer and Electrical Engineering from Purdue University. She is currently the Director of Software Development at Progressive Resources LLC , where she has developed software for projects ranging from small consumer products to industrial products and test equipment. These projects have spanned several fields, among them automotive, medical, entertainment, child development, public safety/education, sound and image compression, and construction. In addition, Ms. Cox has been listed as co-inventor on numerous patent applications.

Larry O'Cull

Senior Operating Member Progressive Resources LLC Mr. O'Cull received a B.S. degree from the School of Electrical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. His career path started in the design of software and control systems for CNC (computer numeric controlled) machine tools. From there he moved to other opportunities in electronics engineering and software development for vision systems, laser-robotic machine tools, medical diagnostic equipment, and commercial and consumer products, and he has been listed as inventor/co-inventor on numerous patents. Mr. O'Cull started Progressive Resources in 1995 after several years of working in Electrical and Software Engineering and Engineering management. Progressive Resources LLC (http://www.prllc.com) specializes in innovative commercial, industrial, and consumer product development. Progressive Resources is a Microchip consultant member since 1995.