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Career Excellence: The Pathways to Excellence Series, 1st Edition

  • Peter M. Hess
  • ISBN-10: 1401882013  |  ISBN-13: 9781401882013
  • 192 Pages
  • © 2006 | Published
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Career Excellence: Pathway to Excellence is a comprehensive guide for those preparing to change careers. Designed to help readers focus on their internal drive for initiating a successful job search, this unique resource will help individuals change their career with an organized approach and with an opportunity for self-exploration. Before any major life change, especially a career change, one must take stock of his or her own values, beliefs and motivators in order to reach set goals. Right Here, Right Now contains the tools needed to help assess and center individual dreams and goals, thereby creating an effective path to success. This unique resource also presents information on updating a resume, creating a winning cover letter, preparing a portfolio, and kicking off the job search with a positive outlook. Information on preparing for interviews and questions to expect are presented, along with ideas on how to answer the questions successfully. Unlike any other text of its kind, this guide takes the reader from the initial stages of making a career change to landing the job to success in the workplace. It advises on how to excel on the job by making decisions based on inner drive and includes tips on how to excel with new colleagues, how to impress the boss while maintaining integrity, how to build alliances, and how to continue to make decisions with honesty and consistency. This text is a must-have, motivational resource for any individual preparing for their next career path.

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Features and Benefits

  • Hands- on exercises allow for self-directed learning. So readers can complete sections at their own pace
  • Assists readers in defining their values and beliefs, thus creating a foundation for learning
  • Step-by-step format brings the reader through the typical steps involved in making a career change
  • �Read All About It� feature provides great lists of resources readers can utilize for their own personal development
  • Internet Resources are provided for further development that is linked to the concepts presented in the book

Table of Contents

Preface—Success Starts Here: Step Right In
Self-Assessment—Before You Get Started
Chapter 1: As a Path of Life
Chapter 2: In the Job Search
Chapter 3: Before, During, and After the Interview
Chapter 4: Through Networking
Chapter 5: On the Job
Chapter 6: For Life
Self-Assessment—After You’ve Finished: Interview Notes

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Peter M. Hess

Peter M. Hess is regarded as an expert in strategic career development and professional networking. Peter speaks to college and business groups nationwide as well as serving as a consultant and trainer for numerous Fortune 500 Companies. He has been a featured guest on Fox News, NBC News and Bloomberg Television. He continues to be a source for career related articles in magazines and newspapers across the country including The Wall Street Journal and Entrepreneur Magazine.