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Practical Open Source Office: LibreOffice™ and Apache OpenOffice, 2nd Edition

  • June Jamrich Parsons
  • ISBN-10: 1133599540  |  ISBN-13: 9781133599548
  • 232 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2007
  • © 2013 | Published
  • College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $83.50
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Recipient of the 2014 TAA Textbook Excellence Award With the New Perspectives' critical-thinking, problem-solving approach, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of both Open Office™ and Libre Office and will learn how to take advantage of the flexibility they offer. Students will learn to apply what they are learning to real-life tasks, preparing them to easily transfer skills to new situations. With New Perspectives, students understand why they're learning what they're learning and are better situated to retain skills beyond the classroom.

Additional Product Information

Features and Benefits

  • Now covers both OpenOffice.org as well as LibreOffice.
  • Allows you the option to teach both Microsoft Office and Open Source Office software in the same course. The Table of Contents for both of these titles in the Practical Series are the same!
  • Gives students hands-on experience with the word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, and database applications in Open Source Office software.
  • Comes with a BookOnCD featuring animations, screen tours, and hands-on activities in a simulated environment.
  • Contains Projects at the end of the book to give students the opportunity to tie everything they have learned together in a real-world environment.

Table of Contents

1. Getting Started.
2. Creating a Document.
3. Formatting a Document.
4. Finalizing a Document.
5. Creating a Worksheet.
6. Formatting a Worksheet.
7. Finalizing a Worksheet.
8. Creating a Presentation.
9. Finalizing a Presentation.
10. Creating a Database.
11. Finalizing a Database.

What's New

  • Provides a comprehensive overview of the free, open-source softwares LibreOffice and Apache OpenOffice.


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Instructor Supplements

Instructor's Resource CD-ROM  (ISBN-10: 1133935974 | ISBN-13: 9781133935971)

Now all instructor materials are available on one convenient, easy-to-use DVD. Designed to help facilitate classroom instruction, this DVD has instructor files unique to the textbook. A variety of ancillaries are also included, such as data and solution files, syllabi, and PowerPoint® presentations. All of these tools can help motivate students and enhance their knowledge and course appreciation.

A Guided Tour of Hot Technologies  (ISBN-10: 1111825084 | ISBN-13: 9781111825089)

Add excitement to your classroom with A GUIDED TOUR OF HOT TECHNOLOGIES. Keep yourself and your students up-to-date on the hottest technologies on the Internet, from the latest Google tools to new ways to share information in the cloud. Play one of these short videos to spice up your lecture and spark classroom discussion. Or, assign a video for homework and ask students to complete the correlated assignment. A GUIDED TOUR OF HOT TECHNOLOGIES takes the prep work out of providing your students with current, engaging content relevant to their lives.

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Student Supplements

A Guided Tour of Hot Technologies  (ISBN-10: 1111825084 | ISBN-13: 9781111825089)

A GUIDED TOUR OF HOT TECHNOLOGIES can add excitement to your classroom. These short videos about the hottest technologies on the Internet – from the latest Google tools to new ways to share information in the cloud – provide current and relevant information on technologies that you can put to use right away.

List Price = $51.95  | CengageBrain Price = $51.95  | College Bookstore Wholesale Price = $39.25

Meet the Author

Author Bio

June Jamrich Parsons

June Parsons purchased her first computer, an Apple II+, in 1981 and quickly became fluent in BASIC, dBASE II, Lotus 123, WordStar, and a variety of accounting programs. The next year she opened a successful small computer retail store with Dan Oja that also offered software instruction to children and adults. Dr. Parsons taught at the university level for more than 20 years. She holds a doctorate in Educational Technology and was certified by the ICCP in 1995. Dr. Parsons began writing and creating educational software for Course Technology in 1992. She contributed to the Windows for Business and Illustrated Series and developed the New Perspectives, e-Course, and Practical series. She works via the Internet with a team of highly skilled media specialists and desktop publishers located in various states and provinces.