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The Working Reader, 1st Edition

  • Mary Lou Conlin Cuyahoga Community College
  • ISBN-10: 0395929202  |  ISBN-13: 9780395929209
  • 240 Pages
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Forty short selections for essay-level developmental writers focus on work and the workplace. Writing activities focus on the types of writing that students will be required to do when they start to work, such as reports, memorandums, business letters, and charts and graphs.

Table of Contents

1. Work--What Is It?
The Journal
The Essay
The Summary
Nickie McWhirter, What You Do Is What You Are
Robert Murray Davis, Work and Play
Bonnie Smith-Yackel, My Mother Never Worked
Ana Vaciana-Suarez, Working Just to Live Is Perverted into Living Just to Work
2. Choosing a Career
The Table
The Report
Alan M. Webber, Choices: Vocation, Career, or Job
Rebecca Knight, Liberal Arts Gave Me a Liberal Dose of Life Lessons
Joannie M. Schrof, Different Paths to Success
Matthew Mariani, Cooperative Education: Learn More, Earn More, Prepare for the Workplace
Barbara Moses, Find Work That You Love
3. Family and Gender Issues
Business Letters
Cokie Roberts, A Woman's Place
Ebony Magazine, Women Who Stay at Home and Love It!
Joan K. Peters, Being There: The Father Quandry
James A. Levine and Todd L. Pittinsky, What Today's Fathers Want
Elizabeth McGuire, Still Seeking the Perfect Balance
4. Ethics
O.C. Ferrell and Gareth Gardiner, What Is Ethics Anyway?
Calvin Trillin, The Twenty-Dollar Bill
Michael Korda, Defining Success
Ellen Goodman, It's Failure, Not Success
Society Magazine, Unethical Workers and Illegal Acts
John Davidson, The Business of Ethics
5. Time Management, Problem Solving and Decision Making
The Time Log
Problem Solving
Decision Making
Time Management
Barbara Ehrenreich, The Cult of Busyness
Edwin Bliss, Managing Your Time
Problem Solving
Lois Duncan, How Not to Lose Friends over Money
Michael Barrier, Putting the Lid on Conflicts
Decision Making
Winston Fletcher, It's Time to Make up Your Mind
Geanne Rosenberg, Truth and Consequences
6. Discrimination and Harassment
Pie Charts, Bar Charts, and Line Graphs
K.C. Cole, Women and Physics
Andrew Sullivan, Do We Need These Laws?
Elizabeth Birch, Earth to Andrew
Peter Passell, Why Black Men Have Lost Ground
May Ann Farrell, Know Your Rights--And Go for the Job
Anne Fisher, After All This Time, Why Don't People Know What Sexual Harassment Means?
7. Technology and the Workplace
Internet Research
USA Today Magazine, The Ins and Outs of E-Mail
Kimberley S. Young, Caught in the Net
Deborah Branscum, Bigbrother@the.office.com
Edward C. Baig, Saying Adios to the Office
8. Managing Your Life
The Resumé
The Cover Letter
The Thank You Letter
Tim O'Brien, Set a Course for Lifelong Learning
Cassandra Hayes, Stop the World, I Want to Get Off
Kathleen Green, Traditional Degrees, Nontraditional Jobs: A Degree Is Not a Life Sentence
Ralph Warner, What Will You Do When You Retire?

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Mary Lou Conlin

Mary Lou Conlin completed her education at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, earning a B.A. and M.A. in English, and a Ph.D. in education with concentrations in special education, reading, and curriculum. Conlin worked for over twenty-five years teaching English Composition and developing curriculum for developmental reading and writing at Cuyahoga Community College in Cleveland, Ohio. She developed individualized reading and writing instruction, and also established a Learning Center staffed with instructional assistants and tutors who provided both individual and small group instruction. In addition, Conlin developed computer-assisted instruction and tracking in the early 1980s.Her publications include PATTERNS, PATTERNS PLUS, CONCEPTS OF COMMUNICATION: WRITING, and CONCEPTS OF COMMUNICATION: READING. The Concepts texts, a modular series, became the basis for the individualized program provided through the Learning Center. Other publications include SIMON PERKINS OF THE WESTERN RESERVE, a biography of an early land agent of the Western Reserve published by the Western Reserve Historical Society.