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Strategies for Managerial Writing, 1st Edition

  • Steven Gale Kentucky State University
  • Mark Garrison Kentucky State University
  • ISBN-10: 0324015410  |  ISBN-13: 9780324015416
  • 408 Pages
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Business professionals have a critical need for effective communication skills. Those who aspire to be successful in the business world must have strong writing ability as well as the savvy to know how and why to communicate effectively. Strategies for Management Writing addresses this need and provides the tools to turn basic writing into creative, integrated, and more effective writing. The text is organized in categories of business writing: memos, e-mail, press releases, reports, letters, and more. Realistic activities and exercises, such as the “in-basket,” help students organize and develop communicative messages while a variety of scenarios throughout the text require students to adopt a point of view and communicate from their position. The authors have placed special attention on ethics and fairness, diversity, and business globalization making this text more comprehensive and up-to-date in the complex world of business communication.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION. 1. Strategies for Effective Managerial Writing. 2. Organizing Your Writing. PART 1. CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY FORUMS. 3. Composing Memos and Letters. 4. Preparing the Analytic Report. 5. Making an Assessment and Recommendation. 6. Formatting the Proposal. 7. Using Writing to Manage Others. PART 2. ESSENTIAL TOOLS FOR MANAGERIAL WRITING. 8. Exploiting the Electronically Integrated Office. 9. Using Presentation Tools for Corporate Communications. 10. Using Graphic Images Effectively. EPILOGUE. 11: Making a Career Move.

Efficacy and Outcomes


In summary, this text seems appropriate for teaching basic formats combined with writing techniques, which should enable students to apply their knowledge to produce effective written communication appropriate for business and industry.

— Dr. Andrew Klein

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Steven Gale

Steven H. Gale is the University Endowed Chair in the Humanities in the Whitney Young, Jr. College of Leadership Studies at Kentucky State University. He has taught at the University of Southern California, the University of California at Los Angeles, the University of Puerto Rico, the University of Liberia (as a Fulbright Professor), the University of Florida, and Missouri Southern State. He was head of the Department of English and Director of the University Honor Program at Missouri Southern. Professor Gale earned his bachelors degree at Duke University, his masters at UCLA, and his doctorate at the University of Southern California. He has also studied at San Diego City College, San Diego State College, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Christ Church College at Oxford University. Gale is the author of nineteen scholarly books, over one hundred forty articles and essay-reviews on a wide variety of subjects, and a writing textbook. He is a past president of the Frankfort Arts Foundation, the founding president of the Harold Pinter Society, founding co-editor of a scholarly journal, and general editor of two book series.