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Lessons from the Top Paralegal Experts, 1st Edition

  • Carole Bruno
  • ISBN-10: 1401889212  |  ISBN-13: 9781401889210
  • 320 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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LESSONS from the Top Paralegal Experts is a unique and much needed reference as there is nothing else like it for paralegal students and professionals on the market. It not only covers success stories about paralegal professionals but also shares their insights on how they do their work. The primary goal of the book is to help students learn hands-on techniques directly from paralegal leaders in the field. These top paralegal experts share the secrets that have helped them become the best of the best in their profession. The top fifteen paralegal experts helped to expand the paralegal profession and improve the efficiency of performing paralegal duties including creativity, leadership, expertise in their specialty, technical skills, knowledge, mentoring, and organization. The paralegal experts practice in various specialties and the premise of this book is that students and professionals can learn most effectively from the experiences of others. There is a definite need to provide paralegal students with further instructions to help them become more productive and efficient.

Features and Benefits

  • Caveats are included throughout, guiding the reader on the ethical rules that paralegals must follow
  • Checklists are interposed throughout that may be used in class or in the job enabling the user to make sure their forms and writings include every item or action they need
  • Includes Discovery Shortcuts ¯ For those paralegals, who work in litigation or are studying litigation, the six Paralegal Litigation Experts discuss their shortcuts and how to save time
  • Technology Techniques reinforce and expand the role and professional nature of the paralegal profession
  • Investigative/Internet Tips provide internet sites that are useful to paralegals in various specialists
  • Covers Client Interactions and Interviewing

Table of Contents

Part I. Litigation.
Chapter 1: Dwayne E. Krager.
Chapter 2: Nancy B. Heller, RP
Chapter 3: Michele M. Boerder, CP
Chapter 4: Patricia G. Gustin, CP, CFEI.
Chapter 5: Susan G. Ippoliti
Chapter 6: D. Grace Carter, NCCP, CP.
Part II. Intellectual Property.
Chapter 7: Victorialei N. Naka’ahiki, RP.
Chapter 8: Deborah A. Hampton.
Part III. Legal Research and Writing.
Chapter 9: Celia E. Elwell, RP.
Part IV. Commercial Real Estate
Chapter. 10: Susan M. Custer.
Part V. Residential Real Estate.
Chapter 11: Jill J. Hale, PP, PLS, CLA.
PART VI. Corporate and Business.
Chapter 12: Siobhan S. Smith.
PART VII. Family Law.
Chapter 13: Jennifer Arnold, CLA.
Part VIII. Bankruptcy.
Chapter 14: Mathew D. Laskowski.
Chapter 15: Mary E. Rolland. Part IX.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Carole Bruno

Carole A. Bruno is the President, National Institute for Continuing Paralegal Education. With more than 34 years experience in the paralegal profession, Carole has also published several books and founded Paralegal Support Services, Inc., the first national temporary and permanent paralegal placement agency in 1979.