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Civil Interviewing and Investigation for Paralegals, 1st Edition

  • Cynthia Bandry Schroeder Mankato State University, Mankato, Minnesota
  • ISBN-10: 0766802442  |  ISBN-13: 9780766802445
  • 444 Pages
  • © 1999 | Published
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This text on interviewing and investigation is a practical guide for paralegal students, paralegals currently working in any number of legal specialty areas, instructors in schools offering paralegal programs, law offices and state offices. The material covers everything from organizational tools, public sources of information, the Freedom of Information Act, Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, Federal Rules of Evidence, to post judgment investigations. The accompanying study guide offers a variety of hands-on assignments and learning opportunities and provides a safe avenue for applying knowledge while generating enthusiasm. Practical, on-the-job training data is offered along with examples of real life situations and how to handle the problems and demands of the paralegal profession.

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Features and Benefits

  • techniques for separating legal issues into their elements and finding evidence to prove the elements is provided
  • for the first time, anatomy has been included in a substantive legal text with a step-by-step approach used to explain the basics as they apply to a great many civil cases
  • excerpts from medical records are used as an example of the types of "real" projects students will be expected to handle
  • easy-to-understand procedures ease the fear of managing and conducting witness interviews
  • a variety of case studies are provided that apply to the principles of each individual chapter making the concepts easy to understand and interesting

Table of Contents

PREFACE. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS. SECTION ONE: INTERVIEWING: 1. INTERVIEWING-UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS: Introduction. Defining the "Interview". Interviewing Roles. Perceptions. Interactions. Listening Skills. Evaluations. Scheduling the Interview. Summary. Activities. Case Study 2. THE INTERVIEW STRUCTURE: Planning Ahead. Opening the Interview. The Body of the Interview. Closing the Interview. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 3. QUESTIONING: Why "Good" Questions are Required. Open Questions vs. Closed Questions. Leading vs. Neutral Questions. Probing Questions. How to Structure Questions. Problem Producing Questions. Summary Activities. Case Study. 4. INTERVIEWING THE CLIENT: Introduction. The Initial Client Interview: An Overview. Conducting the Interview. Identifying Difficult Clients. Questioning the Client. Evaluating the Interview. Ethical Considerations. Summary Activities. Case Study. 5. INTERVIEWING THE EXPERT: Introduction. Preparing for the Interview. Conducting the Full Expert Interview. Medical Experts. Ethical Considerations. Summary. Acitivities. Case Study. 6 THE INVESTIGATIVE INTERVIEW: Introduction. The 5 W''s of the Interview. Quintamensional Questioning Technique. Conducting the Interview. Special Considerations. Analyzing the Investigative Interview. Ethical Considerations. Summary. Activities. Case Study. SECTION TWO: INVESTIGATION MECHANICS. 7. INVESTIGATION-UNDERSTANDING THE BASICS: Introduction. Understanding the Investigation. Objectives of the Civil Investigation. Thinking Like An Investigator. Skiptracing. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 8. ORGANIZATION AND THE SUCCESSFUL INVESTIGATION: Introduction. Tickler Systems. Charts and Graphs. Witness and Evidence Lists. Creativity and Organization. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 9. SOURCES FOR THE INVESTIGATION: Introduction. Public Records. Private Records. Public Agencies. The Internet & Databases. Printed Materials. Related and Non-Related People. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 10. CONDUCTING THE INVESTIGATION: Making a Plan. Strategies for Conducting the Investigation. Timelines and Chronlogies. Authorizations and Records Requests. Ethical Considerations. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 11. IDENTIFYING EVIDENCE: Introduction. Causes of Action and Elements. Assessing Damages. Affirmative & Rebuttal Evidence. Types of Evidence. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 12. DEVELOPING AND PRESERVING EVIDENCE: Introduction. The Hypothesis. Primary Evidentiary Tasks. Expanding Stories. "Common Sense" and Evidence. Preserving Evidence. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 13. THE FEDERAL RULES OF EVIDENCE AND EVIDENCE ANALYSIS: Introduction. The Federal Rules of Evidence. Exclusionary Terms. Rules of Evidence. Analyzing Evidence. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 14. LOCATING WITNESSES: Introduction. Conducting the Search. Evaluating the Search. Locating the Expert Witness Using The Internet. Summary. Activities. Case Study. 15. THE COLLECTION INVESTIGATION: Introduction. Beginning the Collection Investigation. Discovering Assets. Recovery of Assets. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Summary. Activities. Case Study. SECTION THREE: APPENDICES

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Instructor's Manual  (ISBN-10: 0766802450 | ISBN-13: 9780766802452)

Using case studies based on actual events and investigations, the reader learns practical applications of investigative techniques and strategies and interviewing methods for all areas of litigation. The materials were developed using investigations performed, Federal Statues and rules, practical application of paralegal work ethics and responsibilities, and a law school text. ALSO AVAILABLE INSTRUCTOR SUPPLEMENTS CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT TO ORDER Computerized Test Bank, ISBN: 0-7668-1772-5

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Cynthia Bandry Schroeder

Cynthia Bandry Schroeder is an Adjunct Professor at Mankato State University in, Mankato, Minnesota. She is also a member of several professional organizations including, the American Association of Paralegal Education, the Minnesota Paralegal Association, and the National Association of Legal Assistants.