Higher Education

Understanding Poetry, 4th Edition

  • Cleanth Brooks
  • Robert Penn Warren
  • ISBN-10: 0030769809  |  ISBN-13: 9780030769801
  • 602 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1960
  • © 1976 | Published
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The fourth edition of UNDERSTANDING POETRY is a re-inspection of poetry. Keeping it teachable and flexible, the material allows for full and innocent immersion as well as raising inductive questions to develop critical and analytical skills. Students will be led to understand poetry as a means of imaginatively extending their own experience and indeed, probing the possibilities of the self. This latest incarnation of the landmark text facilitates a thorough study of poetry.

Table of Contents

1. Poetry as a Way of Saying.
2. Dramatic Situation.
3. Description: Images, Modes, and Attitudes.
4. Tone.
5. Analogical Language: Metaphor and Symbol.
6. Theme, Meaning, and Dramatic Structure.
7. Applications: The Poet Looks at a Bird.
8. Poems for Study.
9. Representative Poems of our Time.
Appendix A: How Poems Came About -- Intention and Meaning.
Appendix B: Metrics.
Appendix C: Metaphor and Symbol -- Compared and Contrasted.