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Mastering Celtx, 1st Edition

  • Terry Borst College of Santa Fe
  • ISBN-10: 1435459016  |  ISBN-13: 9781435459014
  • 400 Pages
  • © 2012 | Published
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Until recently, available screenwriting tools—built around traditional discrete roles and tethered to paper output—have struggled to keep up with the rapid changes in industry practices and needs. However, a new tool called Celtx (pronounced kel-tx) has embraced the industry’s evolution and created a preproduction workspace that erases the boundaries between different conceptualizing and narrative-building tasks, such as storyboarding, outlining, media asset management, and scriptwriting. This book is for small-shop media professionals, independent film and video makers, media arts professors and students, ad-hoc media production teams, "pro-am" media creators, and aspiring screenwriters, storyboard artists, or comic book creators who want to maximize their creativity using Celtx. You will be introduced to the essential Celtx toolset (as well as to the Celtx Script app, Celtx Studio, and Celtx add-ons) and will learn how to apply Celtx to a variety of projects and workflows. A companion website includes downloadable practice files and images so you can work through the book’s many tutorials. This is the only book you need to master Celtx and take your screenwriting and storyboarding projects to the next level.

Features and Benefits

  • Written by an award-winning professional screenwriter with credits in film, TV and videogames who is a member of the Writers Guild of America and professor of screenwriting and whose career provides a unique perspective on the use of screenwriting and pre-production tools.
  • Describes all of the features of Celtx and Celtx Studio, along with case studies of applications in a variety of media venues, and guidance in mastering Celtx and maximizing its value to any media production team.
  • Teaches you how to use Celtx immediately for writing scripts and outlines, creating storyboards, and improving pre-production workflow on any media project
  • Shows you how to better collaborate with colleagues in the creation of any time-based media content.

Table of Contents

1. The Evolution of Pre-Production.
2. Getting Familiar with Celtx.
3. Project Navigation, Library, Notes, and Media.
4. Creating and Editing Production Film Scripts.
5. Script Breakdowns and Catalogs.
6. Reinventing Project Scripting I.
7. Reports.
8. Storyboards.
9. Sketches.
10. Reinventing Project Scripting II.
11. Calendaring and Scheduling.
12. Exploring Celtx’s Built-In Sample Projects.
13. Celtx Script.
14. Celtx Studios: Creation and Administration.
15. Celtx Studios: User Interaction.
16. Celtx Add-Ons, Utilities, and Sketch Images.
17. The Celtx Community.
Appendix A: Understanding Script Formats.
Appendix B: Script Template Typeset/PDF Format Options.
Appendix C: Breakdown Item Data Fields.
Appendix D: Menu Bars and Icon Toolbar.
Appendix E: Keyboard Shortcuts.
Appendix F: Setting Up Linux for Celtx Studios and Celtx Add-Ons.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Terry Borst

Terry Borst currently teaches screenwriting for the College of Santa Fe, the Santa Fe Community College and the Screenwriting Conference at Santa Fe. He has previously taught screenwriting at Moorpark College, USC’s School for Cinematic Arts, UCLA Extension Writers Program, and the Banff Centre for the Arts. Mr. Borst’s traditional screenwriting credits include co-credit on the TV movie sequel to the Robert DeNiro film Midnight Run (Midnight Runaround), the independent feature film Private Wat, and numerous episodes of the BBC action-adventure television series Bugs, syndicated in over thirty countries. He also co-wrote a fantasy/adventure series pilot for the BBC titled The New Adventures of King Arthur. In addition, he has performed unaccredited rewrites on USA Cable movies and independent features, and developed screenplays for the producers of The Hunt for Red October and various independent producers in Hollywood. Terry Borst also co-wrote the interactive movies Wing Commander III and Wing Commander IV. More recently he wrote the screenplay and collaborated on the game design for Leaders, a Paramount Digital Entertainment R&D videogame set in newly liberated Afghanistan that trained Army captains in leadership; and Fully Involved, a Compelling Technologies simulation training firefighters in incident command.