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The Ojibwa of Berens River, Manitoba: Ethnography into History, 1st Edition

  • Irving A. Hallowell
  • Jennifer S. H. Brown
  • ISBN-10: 0030551226  |  ISBN-13: 9780030551222
  • 102 Pages
  • © 1992 | Published
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This case study conveys the essential qualities and patterns of Ojibwa culture. Having spent many years visiting the Berens River Ojibwa communities in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario, Hallowell’s finished draft of an ethnography was lost en route to the series editors in 1967 – this edition is a revival, heavily edited by Brown, that allows Hallowell’s remarkable experiences and insights to finally be shared.

Table of Contents

1. The Living Past in the Canadian Wilderness.
2. The Canadian Shield, the Fur Trade, and Ojibwa Expansion.
3. Christianization, Confederation, and Treaties with the Indians.
4. Ecological Adaptation and Social Organization.
5. World View and Behavioral Environment.
6. Religion, Moral Conduct, and Personality.
Appendix � Dwellings and Households along the Berens River 1935-36.