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Punctuation Plain & Simple, 1st Edition

  • Edgar C. Alward
  • Jean Alward
  • ISBN-10: 1564142744  |  ISBN-13: 9781564142740
  • 191 Pages
  • © 1997 | Published
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Punctuation Plain & Simple provides a good set of rules for whatever the user chooses to write. Every chapter goes into detail about a specific punctuation mark and gives hands-on experience in punctuating prose. The book includes helpful exercises for each section. With a learn by doing approach, Punctuation Plain & Simple quickly improves the writer's skill for lifelong success.

Features and Benefits

  • Plenty of exercises follow each punctuation concept providing continous reinforcement.
  • Easy to use Index allows user to quickly identify information needed.
  • Develop skills that are useable, practical and learnable in a short amount of time.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Terminal Marks. Chapter 2: The Comma. Chapter 3: The Semicolon. Chapter 4: The Colon. Chapter 5: The Dash. Chapter 6: Parentheses and Brackets. Chapter 7: The Hyphen. Chapter 8. Italics and Quotation Marks. Chapter 9: The Apostrophe. Chapter 10: Quotation Marks in Dialogue. Chapter 11: Miscellaneous Punctuation Marks and Characters. Chapter 12: Arbitrary Use of Punctuation. Chapter 13: Capitalization. Chapter 14: Abbreviations and Numbers. Chapter 15: The Comma After the Introductory Element. Glossary.

Meet the Author

Author Bio

Edgar C. Alward

Edgar Alward was awarded the distinction of Professor Emeritus at Westfield (MA) State College in 1994 where he has taught English studies for 35 years.

Jean Alward

Jean Alward, a personnel manager for 17 years for major corporations, has been respected as an authority not only in punctuation but also in the rhetorical principles applied to the syntax of American English.