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Economics and Contemporary Issues, 9th Edition

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  • William McLean Oklahoma State University
  • Michael Applegate Oklahoma State University
  • ISBN-10: 1111823391  |  ISBN-13: 9781111823399
  • 456 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2010, 2007, 2004
  • © 2013 | Published
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Engage your students with topics of immediate interest in this book's unique, issues-oriented approach. Discover the importance of economics in today's news and even everyday personal life as this book's unique, issues-oriented approach delves into engaging areas of interest. Moomaw/Olson/Applegate/McLean's ECONOMICS AND CONTEMPORARY ISSUES, 9E examines major economic issues related to education, health care, Social Security, unemployment, inflation, and international trade. This edition also examines social and political phenomena throughout the world, such as the collapse of communism and central planning, the role of government in today's economy as well as crime and poverty. Captivating insights, intellectual challenges, and a solid analytical framework strengthen your students' critical thinking skills while the book's proven approach helps build a strong foundation in core economic principles. The authors clearly connect today's issues to key economic principles and applications, while providing an unmatched international perspective. Students develop a stronger appreciation and interest in contemporary economics as they see its importance in understanding both issues that affect them personally as well as today's news headlines. The authors connect today's issues to key economic principles and applications with captivating insights and a solid international perspective. Useful online study tools and an inviting writing style assist the reader today and in the future job market. Ideal for non-majors and majors alike.

Features and Benefits

  • EXPANDED, CURRENT COVERAGE OF INTERNATIONAL TRADE PROVIDES IMPORTANT BACKGROUND: A dedicated chapter thoroughly explains the basis for international trade; benefits of trade; causes of the trade deficit; consequences of this deficit; and costs of popular cures, such as tariffs and quotas. This expanded coverage allows you and your students to discuss and debate current trade policies and their domestic and international effects.
  • THE LATEST CONTENT ON GLOBALIZATION PREPARES STUDENTS FOR TODAY'S GLOBAL ECONOMY: The new edition carefully examines and expands coverage of the outsourcing of service jobs and use of cheap labor in developing countries. This more thorough coverage allows you and your students to intelligently discuss the current nature of today's global economy.
  • FOCUS ON THE BASICS ENSURES THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING OF THE MOST IMPORTANT ECONOMIC CONCEPTS: Now you can drive home the most basic tools in micro- and macroeconomic analysis as this edition emphasizes key concepts throughout with extensive applications. Supply-demand analysis thoroughly examines economic issues. Frequent use of the concept of opportunity cost conditions students to think of costs as alternatives foregone and to apply the concept to their own decisions. Numerous applications of the aggregate supply-aggregate demand model ensure students closely examine unemployment and inflation.
  • BALANCED COVERAGE ENSURES EQUAL TREATMENT OF MICROECONOMIC AND MACROECONOMIC ISSUES: This edition offers a more balanced treatment of microeconomic and macroeconomic issues than most other texts. After discussing economic growth in Chapter 1 and economic systems in Chapter 2, five of the 16 remaining chapters cover macroeconomic issues, including unemployment, inflation, the federal budget, and balance of payment deficits. The book also closely examines the microeconomic aspects of agriculture, monopoly power, health care, crime, pollution, education, Social Security, and poverty.

Table of Contents

1. Economic Growth: An Introduction to Scarcity and Choice.
2. An Introduction to Economic Systems and the Workings of the Price System.
3. Competitive Markets and Government Policy: Agriculture.
4. Efficiency in Resource Allocation: How Much Do We Have? How Much Do We Want?
5. Market Power: Does It Help or Hurt the Economy?
6. Air Pollution: Balancing Benefits and Costs.
7. Health Care: How Much? For Whom?
8. Crime and Drugs: A Modern Dilemma.
9. College Education: Is It Worth the Cost?
10. Educational Reform: The Role of Incentives and Choice.
11. Poverty: New Approaches to an Old Problem.
12. Tracking and Explaining the Macroeconomy.
13. Unemployment: The Legacy of Recession, Technological Change, and Free Choice.
14. Inflation: A Monetary Phenomenon.
15. Sustained Budget Deficits: Is This Any Way to Run a Government?
16. Social Security: Leading Issues and Approaches to Reform.
17. International Trade: Beneficial, but Controversial.
18. Financing Trade and the Trade Deficit.

What's New

  • NEW MODULAR CONTENT ALLOWS MAXIMUM FLEXIBILITY: You can now easily customize your course to align with today's most current events or topics of special interest to you and your students with this edition's new modular format. Simply present this edition's 18 chapters seamlessly in the order that best fits your needs.
  • THE LATEST CONTENT AVAILABLE ON KEY ECONOMIC TOPICS KEEPS YOUR COURSE ON THE CUTTING EDGE: Count on this new edition to keep you and your students up to date with the latest information and developments on important economic topics, including health economics, inefficiency, education, unemployment, the budget deficits, and Social Security. This current, topical resource will enhance classroom discussion and assist with homework and research projects.

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Meet the Author

Author Bio

William McLean

Bill McLean has taught a variety of economics courses during the past 13 years. His experience includes instructing both at the college and high school levels where he has taught Advanced Placement (AP) Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Intermediate Macroeconomics as well as Money and Banking. He is a reader for the National AP Economics Exam. His primary research covers economic education and economic teaching pedagogies. He earned his B.A. in Business Administration from Columbus State University and M.B.A from Florida Institute of Technology. He also holds a M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College. He is currently completing a Ph.D. in Economics at Oklahoma State University.