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Comparative Politics: Using MicroCase® ExplorIt, 4th Edition

  • includes PinCode Card
  • Michael K. Le Roy Whitworth College
  • ISBN-10: 0495007617  |  ISBN-13: 9780495007616
  • 320 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 2005, 2003, 1999
  • © 2007 | Published
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Designed to supplement core Comparative Politics textbooks, COMPARATIVE POLITICS: USING MICROCASE® EXPLORIT® provides students with award-winning software to analyze and critically evaluate real data. This workbook includes a Windows version of MicroCase ExplorIt®, a user-friendly program that makes it easy for students to manipulate and learn from real data without getting bogged down in complicated statistical software. Over two dozen research-quality data files are included in this package, along with 14 exercise worksheets (1 per chapter) that let students see the real impact of the concepts they study. This unique workbook/software package allows students to "do" comparative politics, not just read about it.

Features and Benefits

  • Each exercise includes step-by-step instructions for using the software and interpreting the results�no prior computing or methodology skills are required.
  • Do more political analysis than ever before with data on topics like globalization, HIV/AIDS, children's health, the global environment, international competitiveness, and international conflict.
  • A new Web interface allows students to enter most worksheet answers online for automatic grading. The results can be e-mailed directly to the instructor.
  • There are two dozen data files, including 15 country-specific data files (Australia, Brazil, Germany, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Poland, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States) based on the 2002 World Values Survey.
  • Four regional data files for Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America are included. All these data files can be mapped.
  • Software and data files can now be installed directly from the Internet. A free network version for the lab and the instructor version of ShowCase are provided to adopting instructors.

Table of Contents

1. The Nation-State.
2. People, Populations, and the State Capacity.
3. Organizing Political Systems: First, Second, and Third Worlds?
4. Political Culture in Liberal Democracies.
5. Political Participation: Making Democracy Work.
6. Electoral Systems in Liberal Democracies.
7. After Communism.
8. Russia, Poland, and Democratic Transition.
9. Newly Industrializing Countries.
10. Asian Values? Political Culture in South Korea and India.
11. War, Politics, and Poverty in LDCs and Marginal States.
12. Social Capital in Nigeria and South Africa.
13. The Islamic World.
14. Islam and Politics in Pakistan and Turkey.
Appendix: Variable Names and Sources.

What's New

  • The text offers students the opportunity to analyze and critically evaluate real data, including data sets from the 2002 World Values Survey and Global 2005 files which include a variety of data for the 171 largest countries and is culled from a large variety of sources like the UN, World Values Survey, World Bank and other organizations.
  • The MicroCase software is now available through a download rather than through floppy or CD-ROM. An access code card is bound into every copy of the text and provides access to the software via a download. Students then have the option to install the software to their personal computer, a data disk, or a flash memory card for use in the lab.
  • Includes data files for Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America, as well as 15 country-specific data files.
  • Fourteen different exercise worksheets in the book help students to see the impact of the concepts they study.

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Bundle: Comparative Politics in Transition, 5th + Comparative Politics: Using MicroCase® ExplorIt (with PinCode Card), 4th

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  • Comparative Politics: Using MicroCase® ExplorIt
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Bundle: Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges, Paper Version, 5th + Comparative Politics: Using MicroCase® ExplorIt (with PinCode Card), 4th

ISBN-10:  0495228176 | ISBN-13:  9780495228172

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  • Comparative Politics: Domestic Responses to Global Challenges
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  • Comparative Politics: Using MicroCase® ExplorIt
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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Michael K. Le Roy

Michael K. Le Roy is a professor of Political Science and Executive Vice President and Dean of the Faculty at Whitworth University in Washington state. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science at Vanderbilt University, and he was a Fulbright scholar at Gothenburg University in Sweden. In addition to his extensive research and travel in Europe and Latin America, Professor Le Roy has studied and traveled in Central and South America. His research on civil society and social capital has been published in Comparative Politics. Michael Le Roy returned to Whitworth in fall 2002 from Wheaton College, in Illinois, where he served as chair of the department of political science. After teaching three years for the Political Science department, Le Roy accepted the position as Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of Faculty. Le Roy still teaches for the Political Science department and continues as a team member for the Central America Study-Service Program. His research on civil society, xenophobia, and the European Union has been published in the journal, COMPARATIVE POLITICS. He is also the author of COMPARATIVE POLITICS: AN INTRODUCTION (4th Edition), and RESEARCH METHODS IN POLITICAL SCIENCE (7th Edition). Le Roy won Wheaton College's faculty achievement award for excellence in teaching in 1998 and a similar award from the American Political Science Association's honor society, Pi Sigma Alpha, in 1999.