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Wildlife & Natural Resource Management, 2nd Edition

  • Kevin H. Deal Northwest High School
  • ISBN-10: 0766826813  |  ISBN-13: 9780766826816
  • 360 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1998
  • © 2003 | Published
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This text is designed with high school level courses in Natural and Environmental Sciences in mind. In addition to providing complete coverage of a very complex subject, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management provides detailed, in-depth looks at many areas. Subjects such as: the history of wildlife conservation in America, the history of modern wildlife and fisheries management, the various federal and state agencies responsible for wildlife and fisheries management, the financing of wildlife conservation in America, and the numerous private conservation organizations are all discussed in detail. Wildlife and Natural Resource Management also provides a look at fossil fuels, their role in our society and their conservation, as well as discussing soil, forest, and water management and conservation. The habitat requirements, feeding and breeding habits of most species of native fauna are discussed. Descriptions and ranges are covered with photos where possible. Endangered species and the Endangered Species Act and its effect of endangered species are also covered. The student activities at the end of each chapter, glossary and appendices are written with retention of information as their goal.

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Features and Benefits

  • History of wildlife management efforts gives readers a better sense of issues and progress through the years
  • Thought-provoking questions and activities promote discussion of key issues and aids in retention of critical information
  • Expanded vocabulary helps reader learn the terms and jargon specific to careers in wildlife management
  • Detailed appendices assist with further investigations into topic areas

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: The History of Wildlife Management in America.
Chapter 2: The Importance of Our Natural Resources.
Chapter 3: Conservation: Wise Use of Our Natural Resources.
Chapter 4: The Administration of Wildlife Management.
Chapter 5: Habitat Requirements of Wildlife.
Chapter 6: The Human Impact on Wildlife Habitat.
Chapter 7: Wildlife and American Sport Hunting.
Chapter 8: Modern Wildlife Management.
Chapter 9: Modern Waterfowl Management.
Chapter 10: Endangered Species.
Chapter 11: Wildlife Parks and Zoos.
Chapter 12: Large Mammals.
Chapter 13: Small Mammals.
Chapter 14: Non-Indigenous Species.
Chapter 15: Upland Game Birds.
Chapter 16: Ducks, Geese, Swans, and Cranes.
Chapter 17: Songbirds.
Chapter 18: Avian Predators.
Chapter 19: Common Shorebirds, Herons, and Egrets.
Chapter 20: Reptiles.
Chapter 21: Amphibians.
Chapter 22: Freshwater Habitats and Their Management.
Chapter 23: Freshwater Fishes. Section 3- Careers.
Chapter 24: Careers in Wildlife and Fisheries Management.
Appendix 1: US Fish and Wildlife Service Offices.
Appendix 2: State Wildlife and Natural Resource Agencies.
Appendix 3: Private Conservation Organizations.

What's New

  • New chapters on zoos, wildlife parks and non-indigenous species bring this edition in line with industry trends
  • Also added are relevant web site addresses and an expanded vocabulary and glossary section
  • All chapters have been revised and updated and now include additional discussion questions and student activities to aid comprehension


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Meet the Author

Author Bio

Kevin H. Deal

Kevin H. Deal was a teacher in the Career and Technical Sciences program at Northwest High School in Justin, Texas for 28 years. During his tenure, he taught a variety of agriculture courses, including Introduction to World Agriculture, Applied World Agriculture, Wildlife and Natural Resource Management, Canine Sciences, and Animal Sciences. He is now retired.