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The Zinacantecos of Mexico: A Modern Maya Way of Life, 2nd Edition

  • Evon Z. Vogt Harvard University
  • ISBN-10: 003033344X  |  ISBN-13: 9780030333446
  • 157 Pages
  • Previous Editions: 1970
  • © 1990 | Published
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This case study explores the Zinacanteco belief system as represented in ceremonies, rituals, and daily life, and discusses how that belief system also serves as a philosophy, cosmology, theology, code of values, and science. This edition includes information obtained by the author and his students in the last ten years. The book begins with explanations of fieldwork methods, followed by detailed descriptions of the cycles encompassing hamlet life, social and domestic relations, and rituals.

Table of Contents

1. Field Research in Zinacantan.
2. The Zinacanteco Universe.
3. The Ceremonial Center and the Hamlets.
4. The Social Cycle.
5. The Economic Cycle.
6. The Life Cycle.
7. The Ritual Cycle.
8. Replication in Zinacantan.
9. Continuity and Change in Zinacantan.