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Common Sense Conduit Bending and Cable Tray Techniques, 1st Edition

  • James G. Simpson Journeyman Electrician
  • ISBN-10: 0827371101  |  ISBN-13: 9780827371101
  • 160 Pages
  • © 1996 | Published
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Now geared especially for students, this newly expanded manual remains the only complete treatment of the topic in the electrical field. The simple format includes detailed instructions, definitions of key terms, and many helpful charts and pictures--but no complicated trigonometry. Research tests throughout the book increase students' retention of the material. New sections cover the National Electrical CodeĀ®, conduit bending machines, fiber optic conduits, and more.

Features and Benefits

  • lists many charts & tables to enhance the material covered
  • specific terms and definitions are found at the beginning of each section and at the beginning of the book
  • pictures and illustrations are contained throughout the book for reference and learning
  • concentric bending formulas and segemented bending guide helps apprentices understand and make concentric bends
  • explains in detail all NEC articles that relate to conduit bending and routing and cable tray routing

Table of Contents

Terms & Definitions; Field Routing; National Electric Code; Decimel Equivalents; Types of Conduits: Conduit Size Color Code for Rigid Conduit, ID and OD of Rigid Conduit; PVC Coated Conduit; The Dog Leg; Offsets & Kicks: Offset Multiplication Factors, Offset Bending Table with Developed Length, Parallel Offsets, Segmental Bent Offsets; Saddle Bending: Three Bend Saddles, Four Bend Saddles; 90 Degree Bends: Take up Table for Chicago Benders, Back to Back 90 Degree Bends; Conduit Benders & Bending Machines: EMT Bender, The Hickey Bar, Mechanical Benders, Hydraulic Benders; Radius Benders: Matching a Radius, Concrete Color Code; Segmental 90 Degree Bends: Segmental Shot Bending Tables; Concentric 90 Degree Bends; Vessel Circumfrence Bends; PVC Conduit Bending; Basic Conduit Fittings, Clamps & Straps; Telephone & Fiber Optic Conduits; Cable Tray: Cable Tray Offsets; Conduits Running Parallel to Trays: Vertical Runs, Horizontal Runs; Wire Pulling; Motor Lead Termination; Helpful Hints & Productivity; Final Test Quesions

Meet the Author

Author Bio

James G. Simpson

James G. Simpson is a Journeyman Electrician with over 32 years experience in the electrical trade.