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Applied Biomechanics: Concepts and Connections, 1st Edition

  • John McLester Kennesaw State University
  • Peter St. Pierre Kennesaw State University
  • ISBN-10: 0495105864  |  ISBN-13: 9780495105862
  • 432 Pages
  • © 2008 | Published
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APPLIED BIOMECHANICS: CONCEPTS AND CONNECTIONS is comprehensive in coverage and focuses on making connections between biomechanics and other subdisciplines of Exercise Science. Because students taking the course may not be math or science oriented, the text begins with a qualitative, conceptual explanation and then moves to a mathematical one, including both qualitative and some mathematical examples. The text also includes a brief review of anatomy.

Features and Benefits

  • Chapters begin with an example designed to give a preview of the concepts to be covered in the chapters. The example is then carried throughout the chapters and referred to at relevant points. This provides concrete information that students can use to aid in understanding concepts and provides them clear application of the material.
  • Each chapter is divided into "Concepts and Connections" sections. After presenting the fundamental concepts, the authors relate those concepts to subdisciplines (i.e. Exercise Physiology, Motor Behavior, Adapted PE, Pedagogy) to meet the needs of the mixed audience taking the course.
  • "Focus on Research" sections at the end of the chapter pull concepts together, describing a recent research study and relating it to the chapter concepts. These important sections both demonstrate the variety of ongoing research in Biomechanics-related fields and provide information on the most up-to-date research.
  • The text includes a great review of anatomy to help students coming into the course refresh their knowledge and be prepared for the course material.

Table of Contents

1. Biomechanics and Related Movement Disciplines.
2. Describing the System and Its Motion.
3. Paradigms for Studying Motion of the System.
4. Interaction of Forces and the System.
5. Linear Motion of the System.
6. Angular Motion of the System.
7. System Balance and Stability.
8. The System and Machines.
9. System Motion in a Fluid Medium.
10. The System and Projectiles.
11. Biomechanics of the Human Musculoskeletal System.
12. Connection by Application.
Appendix A: Metric Conversions.
Appendix B: Bones.
Appendix C: Ligaments.
Appendix D: Joint Classifications.
Appendix E: Muscle Origins and Insertions.
Appendix F: Joint Actions and Involved Muscles.


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