Higher Education

Writing Poetry, 2nd Edition

  • Barbara Drake Linfield College
  • ISBN-10: 015500154X  |  ISBN-13: 9780155001541
  • 385 Pages
  • © 1994 | Published
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WRITING POETRY is intended to be an all-purpose poetry writing textbook, a fount of inspiration and informtion on the writing process, a solid first step for beginners, and a source of ideas for writers and teachers at all levels. Taken from the Greek word meaning making something up, poetry gos beyond the simple act of creation to inspire. In this textbook, the core structure of the genre is dissected so the intangible may be a little more understood. WRITING POETRY is an appreciative study of an allusive art.

Table of Contents

1. Beginning with Poetry.
2. Memory.
3. Catalogs.
4. Observation.
5. Address.
6. Form.
7. Configuration and Revision.
8. Allusion.
9. Surrealism and Romanticism.
10. Voice.
11. Genres.
12. Myth Making.
13. Games and Experiments.
14. Then and Now.